Elevating Your Tea Game: 5 Tips For A Great Tea Party


Have an abundance of tea? What a great excuse for a party!

Tea parties are the perfect blend of mellow and fun. Plus, you get to drink tea, so it’s win-win.  I’ve thrown several. Bridal showers? Birthday parties? Baby showers? All good reasons to have one.Here are some tips for smooth sipping:

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1. Supplies, supplies, supplies! I’m not just talking about the tea. I’m talking about the ways to serve the tea. Make sure you have plenty of teacups available, a kettle with a lot of capacity, and a few steeper balls or reusable silicone bags.


2. Offer decaf options. Not everyone can handle caffeine! This is doubly important if your party has any young children. Please just take my word on this. Also, have some ginger tea on hand. There’s always at least one of my friends who feels a bit off. Tummy soothers are a good idea.

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3. Incorporate dessert. Every single human being on this planet loves dessert. Encourage guests to bring their own favorites. You’ll have a smorgasbord of treats.


4. There’s no shame in incorporating non-tea or even (gasp!) alcohol. As gauche and horrifying as this is to mention, some people do not like tea. You may have such a monster in your friend group. Supply soda, coffee, juice, water, and booze.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can sneak tea into people by mixing some tea cocktails. Pictured above: rock & rye & rum punch. We added hibiscus flowers to make the drinks look cool.

Those gorgeous nails (above, right) are absolutely not mine.

5. Let people take their own goodie bags. Supply little “snack-sized” resealable bags and sharpies, and let people take home a few scoops of their favorites.


Whenever they sip, they’ll remember what a blast they had with you!