Vanilla Almond Pu Erh/Fusion Sweets. . . .

This powerful punch of vanilla tastes like a wedding cake. A nice, moist (ewwww, did she say “moist”?), expensive nuptial dessert. The pu’erh adds a deeper swirl to the affair, maybe a little bit of chocolate or nutella.

I’m actually transported back to my own wedding cake, which was orange and purple with an ocean theme. Its creamy flavor was marzipan FOR DAYS.

My dress was too tight because I’m the only person on earth who GAINS weight for a wedding, so I wasn’t able to fit much in my tummy, and whoosh, it was all gone. My friends are LOCUSTS.

Well, I get my vengeance now. I can have my cake, and drink it, too

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Puerh

Where to Buy: Fusion Sweets


The rich flavor of fermented pu erh tea is sweetened with vanilla beans and the scent of almonds.

A great after dinner dessert tea that tastes like marzipan with none of the calories!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Creme Earl Grey Yerba Mate from Fusion Sweets. . .

What kind of day is it? The kind where I try my first ever earl grey maté. I’ve tried black (obviously), green (sure), and even a rooibos, but never a maté on this theme. WHO IS READY FOR EXCITEMENT?

For those of you who haven’t tried maté, it’s a caffeinated South American leaf that’s not, technically, the same type of plant as tea. It has a smooth taste that’s, in my opinion, closest to a green/coffee flavor. It’s an underdog of the tea world, a feisty up-and-comer that doesn’t quite fit in.

This earl grey creme is VERY creme-y. It’s got oodles of vanilla, almost enough to wash out the tang of the bergamot and the mate, but not quite. The sweet-vs-tangy battle is an interesting taste experience and the backbone of the flavor profile. They manage to coexist, but my brain flicks back and forth between the two like kids on a see-saw. They’re both present in the aftertaste.

All in all, while I enjoyed this tea’s kicky nature, its duality is a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure that this is the one for me. But it’s totally worth trying, especially if you’re an Earl Grey afficianado and want to complete the “set.”

Fusion Sweets has an option on its site where you can order a sampler.


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Mate
Where to Buy:  Fusion Sweets

Similar to Earl Grey tea with the creaminess of vanilla but without the astringency of black tea.

We’ve scented yerba maté with Italian oil of bergamot and sweetened with vanilla beans.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Green Tea Butter Caramels from Fusion Sweets

Where to Buy:  Fusion Sweets on Etsy ~or~ Fusion Sweets website

Product Description:

For some, the taste of childhood is Hershey bars and marshmallow fluff. For me, it is green tea caramel.

Reminiscent of vintage Japanese milk candies, our green tea butter caramels burst with the bright, fragrant, grassy notes of high quality green tea powder.

Taster’s Review:

These are oh-so-delicious!

The caramels are very soft and smooth in texture, although there is a little bit of “grit” (for lack of a better word) from the Matcha green tea.  This in no way detracts from the pleasurable texture of the caramels, though.

The Matcha gives these caramels a delicious twist on the classic caramel taste.  There are creamy, milky sweet tones from the caramel that meld so perfectly with the vegetative and vibrant notes from the Matcha.  It tastes … well, it tastes like Matcha and caramel!  And what a wonderful way to enjoy the health benefits of this green tea.

Yes, that’s right.  This is health food.  It’s good for me.  They’re Super-Candies! So, it’s quite alright to indulge in another … and another … and even another.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it)  My only lament about these “uper-candies is that now, they are gone…

If you love Matcha, these treats are a MUST TRY!  And buy a bunch, you’ll be glad you did!