Rooibos Mirage from Georgia Tea Co.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Georgia Tea Co.

Product Description:

Red rooibos and green rooibos blend with orange peels, vanilla and cactus flowers. Delicious!

Taster’s Review:

If you like unusual teas and tisanes, you should certainly read on:  here is a very unusual blend – unusual but tasty.

The unusual-ness of this tisane begins with the fragrance of it.  I can smell the vanilla and the orange.  I can even smell the nutty/woody aroma of the rooibos.  And then there is a somewhat herbaceous scent there, not exactly floral, not exactly vegetable… it’s an unusual note, but I think I like it!

The flavor is equally as unusual.  I like the pairing of the red and green rooibos because I think that the sparkling fruit tones of the green rooibos help to eliminate some of the funkier flavors that I usually find unpleasant in red rooibos.  Together, the two types of rooibos give the cup a strong nutty presence that has a nice fruity background.  It tastes crisp and refreshing.

The orange peel give this a very delicate citrus-y taste.  It is sweet and also a little zesty.  The vanilla gives this tisane a nice creamy background.  And then there is a flavor that I find difficult to describe accurately that I can only assume belongs to the cactus flower.  It has a sort of sour character to it.  It sort of tingles on the back of the throat, and while it is a little weird, it isn’t unpleasant.

I hope that my description there doesn’t scare you from trying this, though, because, I really do like it, and I would be happy to have it again!  It is sort of like a weird, twisted creamsicle-ish treat; and while it is definitely different it is also definitely delicious!


Digestive Helper from Georgia Tea Co.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Georgia Tea Co.

Company Description:

Ingredients: camomile blossoms, peppermint leaves, yarrow, valerian roots, marigold blossoms, lemon balm leaves.

Taster’s Review:

I received this tea from a friend a couple of months ago, but I held on to it until I felt like I could use a cup of Digestive Helper.  Well, tonight is that night.  We just returned home from a nice restaurant and I indulged in some delicious yet very rich food.  Digestive Helper to the rescue!

Whenever I encounter these types of “functional” herb blends, I am always just a little bit (or sometimes a lot) leery, because I fear that the blend will not taste very good.  Fortunately, this is a functional tea that not only helps with digestive distress but is also tasty.

This tisane has a very smooth, mild flavor, and it doesn’t taste definitively like any one particular herb, but more like a melangé of many herbs… which is what this is.  The peppermint is the most prominent flavor, but again, this isn’t a distinctive peppermint taste, but more like a minty background note that has melded with other flavors.  There is also a citrus-y note to it.

The overall flavor is quite pleasant and it has a very soothing effect.  My stomach feels a bit calmer now after having consumed a cup of it, and I’m very appreciative of that.

This is a good herbal tisane to have on hand – because you never know when you might need it!