Sweet & Spicy Tea & Herb Blend from Good Earth. . . .

This particular tea seems like one that just comes standard in all tea collections. Right there nestled up next to a standard English Breakfast, Chamomile, and Constant Comment is a bag of this classic blend, just awaiting someone looking for the perfect quick cuppa.

I’ll admit– I’m one of those tea people. I picked this lone bag up from who knows where (a dental office, maybe? A yoga studio? The Narnia-esque back recesses of my tea cabinet?), and it’s been sitting in my office stash of loose tea bags for quick brewing for about a year now. Oops.

The packaging looks older, which, upon doing some internet research, makes me believe that this has likely been sitting in *someone’s* stash for a while even long before mine– I recognize the new packaging from my local supermarket and Target aisles, meaning it’s been changed for at least a few years, now. So while my cup may have not been the freshest it could’ve been, I’m pleasantly surprised for a tea that I’ve just kinda ignored for a few years.

It claims to be a black tea, with a whole plethora of interesting ingredients– including, but not limited to: rose, cinnamon, chamomile, lemongrass, papaya, peppermint, jasmine, a whole host of herbs and oils… the list goes on and on. Really, what I taste the most is cinnamon. The black tea is super light, almost golden in color. It has the hint of natural sweetness that usually comes with cinnamon and licorice flavors, requiring no added sweet to the cup. Overall, I’m a fan, ish. I’m not going to likely reach for this one above many of my favorites (especially my loose leaf), but it’s nice to have on hand in your office stash for a rainy Wednesday. I’d pick it up at the dentist. Or the yoga studio. I’m sure another one of these is going to show up in my cabinet via tea-Narnia again sometime, and I’ll drink it happily.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Good Earth

With sweet bursts of orange that playfully mingle with spices, these signature teas are sure to satisfy and delight.

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