Orange Cranberry Yum. . A Custom Blend from BlendBee



Custom blending tea can either turn out amazing or not so much. I’ve used a few different custom blending tea companies but this was the first time I used BlendBee to create my own unique designs.

For Christmas I received a little extra spending money so I decided I would put those dollars to good use. I emailed Jamah at BlendBee and asked her a few tips and tricks on how to properly blend a tea and viola! Orange Cranberry Yum was born. (Yes, I named the tea too. I’m not so clever when it comes to naming tea it seems)

With being a part of the SororiTea Sisters, I’ve been given the amazing privilege of trying to many different flavored teas, but the one flavor that I don’t seem to get a chance to try often is a really solid orange tea. A lot of times, orange teas are cinnamon spiced and I have to be in the right mood to enjoy one of those teas. For this custom tea of mine, I wanted more of an orange cranberry dessert flavor. This tea was inspired by the Fiber One Orange Cranberry Scone bars that I’ve fallen in love with.

To create your own tea with Blend Bee all you need to do is check mark what you want. Check mark the base you want, inclusions, spices, extracts and a few other options to develop your own tea blend. I wanted this tea to be a buttery rich tea, so I went with a green tea base, more specifically I picked Young Hyson Green Tea.

To give the tea the orange and cranberry flavor, I picked Cranberry, Custard & Orange Extract. For some of the inclusions, I went with some herbals to give the tea a healthy aspect, named the tea, and that was it. Jamah emailed me a few other questions, because she is the mixing expert) and gave her advice on a few different ways to finish the tea off and we were all set.

For 10 cups or 1 oz of this tea, it is $9.95.  From previous BlendBee blends I’ve had, I know that I will be able to get at least 20 cups out of this pouch. BlendBee’s teas are perfect for infusing a few different times.

So today, happily, this tea with the other teas I custom blended, arrived at my door. Orange Cranberry Yum (I know, such a terrible name)  was the first one I had to try. So I brewed up my tea with water prepped for green tea and allowed the tea to steep for about 4 minutes. The water slowly turned to a gorgeous pink-lilac color (from some of the inclusions).

While this tea was steeping, a delicious creamy orange flavor was drifting in the air. I mean I’m talking creamsicle flavor. I couldn’t have been happier and was hoping the flavors would translate into a similiar flavor.

And those flavors absolutely did! This tea is a lovely lush silky orange delight with a hint of a tartness here and there.  The overall feel is just this smooth flavor that makes you squeal. I honestly can’t say I’ve had a tastier creamy orange tea before. The flavors are so light and airy. But not so light and airy they don’t deliver a good flavor. The flavor is spot on.

I’m currently on my second infusion of this tea and the flavor is still there. I’m thinking I may even be able to get a third steeping. Delicious, quality, and flavors that are spot on.

I couldn’t be happier with this tea and am so excited to see what other flavors I can come up with. The custard flavor is what I love the most out of these tea and the flavor that is bringing the rest of them together to make this more of a dessert tea.

So the moral of the story. . .if you are craving a tea flavor that you can’t find anywhere. . .check out BlendBee’s custom option. Can’t wait to check out my other teas I made!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy:  BlendBee

The Blending Station allows you to create custom tea blends. Choose from all natural teas  (ie. black, green, or herbal teas), spices, herbs, flowers and flavors that suit your fancy.

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