Happy Valley Darjilong Organic Tea from Grey’s Teas

Darjilong2Tea Type:
Oolong Tea

Where To Buy:
Grey’s Teas

Production Description:
Darjeeling tea lends itself well to the oolong process of semi-oxidation. It creates a character beautifully complementary to the muscatel taste of Darjeeling. It is a fragrant tea that has a little more complexity than you would expect with black Darjeeling. Infuse for five minutes with fresh water just off the boil. We also offer .

Tasters Review:

Happy Valley Darjilong Organic Tea from Grey’s Teas…well, well, well!  I have a bit to say about this tea!  First…the name!  Anything that says Happy Valley just has to put a smile on your face!  I wanted to start the day off positive and this tea certainly helped!  Organic teas always make me happy, too!  The name Darjilong is just fun to say!  But when you put a Darjeeling Oolong in front of me I tend to pick it a part a bit.  Maybe that goes back to ‘word dissection’ in my college days – not sure – but that’s sort of what I did here.

I took the “Darjeeling” to heart.  I always associate Darjeelings with a specific taste profile, I guess…mostly via Black Darjeeling Teas eventho I have had Oolongs, Whites, and other Darjeeling Teas but I guess I will always have a place in my heart for Darjeeling Black.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m LOVING this tea!  I LOVE that it’s a Darjeeling Tea and that it’s a Darjeeling Oolong Tea.  It’s not quite as muscatel as some of the Darjeelings I have tried but I’m totally ok with that.  Sometimes I actually prefer it.  It’s slightly juicy.  In the 2nd infusion It’s more juicy as well as more muscatel and even a bit more sweet-woodsy tasting – which is very much welcomed.  I do enjoy the 2nd infusion a bit more than the 1st but BOTH infusions are VERY satisfying.  I appreciate the complexity of this tea.  From start to finish it’s fairly fragrant, too!  It’s also a winner HOT or COLD.  A terrific tea for Spring, Summer, or Fall!  Excellent!

Darjeeling Happy Valley 2nd Flush from Whittard of Chelsea

301291-Darjeeling-Happy-Valley-2nd-FlushTea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Whittard of Chelsea 1886

Product Description:

Darjeeling Happy Valley 2nd Flush  SFTGFOP1 Loose Tea. Darjeeling 2nd flush teas have a more developed slightly nutty taste than 1st flush teas and are more full-bodied. Happy Valley is a famous Darjeeling garden with an reputation for producing top quality teas. This is a rich cup with a beautiful flavor and a touch of the “muscatel” Darjeeling tea is renowned for.

Tasters Review:

Recently I received a sample of this Single Estate Black Tea from Whittard of Chelsea.  As many of you know I start each day with at least 1 Black Tea and then move on to other tea bases throughout the day.

This was a delightful Darjeeling.  A nice 2nd Flush.

This has a gentle sweet-woodsy flavor with a bit of nuttiness to it as well.  It’s rich and pleasing in every way.  It’s a more pronounced flavor that many of the Darjeelings I have been sipping on lately.  I can vouch for the ‘muscatel’ flavor they refer to in the product description – especially on the end of the sip on to the aftertaste which lingers admirably.