Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea from Teavivre


Taiwan High MountainTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Teavivre

Tea Description:

Although Taiwan originates from Fujian, China, its flavor is quite distinct with Fujian Oolong tea. Like this Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea, it is recommended for beginners of Taiwan oolong. Different from the high aroma of Fujian Oolong, this tea has light floral fragrance. When sip the liquid, you can feel the sweet taste. If you want to taste new flavor, or try Taiwan Oolong, you can start with this Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea, by experiencing its flower scent and sweet flavor.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Based on the description above, this Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea from Teavivre sounds like it’s a “beginner” Oolong.  But that doesn’t mean that those of us who are more acquainted with Oolong teas can’t enjoy it too!  This is a lovely Oolong.

I brewed this the way I would ordinarily brew an Oolong:  in my gaiwan, of course!  I added 1 bamboo scoop to the bowl of the gaiwan, added water heated to 180°F and allowed the tea to “rinse” for 15 seconds.  I strained off the liquid and then steeped the leaves for 45 seconds.  I strained the tea into my teacup and then resteeped the leaves for 1 minute.  (For each subsequent infusion, I add 15 seconds.)

My trusty gaiwan is one that I’ve been using for years now, it has suffered a minor ‘chip’ on the spout (it’s one of those “easy” gaiwans and looks a lot like this one.)  But the gaiwan is still quite functional and since I don’t have to drink out of the gaiwan, the little chip doesn’t bother me.

As I said before, this is a lovely Taiwan Oolong.  It’s not as creamy as some Oolong teas and certainly not as floral as many greener Oolong teas I’ve tasted in the past.  But I like the delicate qualities of this tea.

It’s sweet but it isn’t a heavy or overwhelming sweetness.  The tea is soft and subtle.  The flavors are more delicate.  And I get what Teavivre meant by saying that this is a good starter Oolong, because the floral notes of some green Oolong teas can be rather overwhelming for a palate that isn’t familiar with those flowery essences.  The floral notes are beautifully gentle here.

It’s a mildly sweet Oolong with a nice, silky texture.  The vegetal notes are subdued, the floral notes are mellow, and there is a hint of sweet melon in the background.

Taiwan High Mountain2My second cup (infusions 3 and 4, combined) is a little creamier than the first, but it still isn’t a heavy creamy note.  The floral notes are slightly stronger than in the first cup, but they are not sharp.  This cup is still quite smooth and sweet and pleasant.

The third cup (infusions 5 and 6, combined) is very much like the second cup.  This still has a pleasant, light creamy note.  The floral notes are a wee bit stronger than previous cups and I notice just a hint of sharpness.  Still a remarkably smooth, light and refreshing cup of tea.

As I said at the start, this is a really lovely Oolong.  It is one I’d recommend to those who are new to Oolong teas, definitely, and also to those who are familiar with Oolong teas for a refreshing change of pace.  It’s almost like cleansing the palate, drinking this Oolong!


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Lishan Tian Fu Oolong Tea from T-Oolong Tea

LiShanTianFuTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  T-Oolong Tea

Tea Description:

This high quality Lishan Tian Fu Oolong is handpicked, handcrafted and produced from Qingxin Oolong varietal grown in the mountain areas of Li Mountain. The aroma and taste of the tea are intensely floral, sweet, fruity and rich with honeysuckle-like flavors. The aftertaste is very sweet and long lasting, and this tea stands up very well to multiple infusions. It is very rich, smooth and delectable with almost no bitterness and astringency.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

There are few tea times more enjoyable than when I brew myself a cup of LiShan Oolong tea!  And this LiShan Tian Fu Oolong Tea from T-Oolong Tea is so amazing!

I combined five infusions in one Yixing mug, and the combination of the infusions produces a sublime flavor of sweet, exotic tasting flower with hints of fruit.  It is an intensely flavored cup.  The most prominent note is that of the floral tones, which is reminiscent of the essence I would experience from the springtime air at my gramma’s house when I was young.

You see, she had a very prolific honeysuckle vine on the rear corner of her house, right next to one of the bedroom windows.  And when the weather was warm during those later spring days, the window would be open, and the breezes from the Santa Ana winds would filter through the honeysuckle plant and then the breeze would enter the window.  That’s what I’m experiencing as I sip this tea!  I just love how tea brings these fond memories to life.

Beneath the sweet and floral honeysuckle-esque notes I taste faint vegetative notes that have a slight buttery intonation to them.  There is some creaminess to this cup, but it isn’t a strong creamy note, nor does it seem to build or intensify as I continue to sip.  It’s a subtle creamy taste and texture that melds with the vegetal tones.

Toward the end of the sip, a hint of fruit emerges … just faintly.  It is a sweet note that reminds me of a crunchy apple, but without the tartness that I usually associate with an apple.  As mentioned in the above review, I notice no bitterness, and no astringency.

And while this particular tea is not currently in stock on T-Oolong Tea’s website, I think it would be worth the effort to keep checking in occasionally to find out when this tea will be restocked.  It’s a LOVELY tea, and if you love Oolong, it’s one you should try!

2012 Wild Tea Orchid Fairy Twig from Life In Teacup

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Life in Teacup

Tea Description:

Production Year – 2012         
Production Season – Spring
Production Region:  Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This tastes so crisp and light!  It’s such a refreshing tea.

It’s very reminiscent of spring, the season in which it’s produced.  It has that light, fresh taste that reminds me of new plant growth in the spring, the tiny leaf buds as they begin to open and turn everything green again after the cold of winter.  So sweet and pure.

The vegetative notes fall somewhere between grassy and steamed baby spinach.  The grassy tones are very mellow and slight, not quite tasting as grassy as some other green teas that I’ve tasted but, it’s something a bit more than just your average, everyday steamed spinach too.  It is mild and smooth, with a moderate astringency toward the tail.  It has a creamy delivery – smooth from the start and then toward the end the astringency leaves the palate feeling clean and refreshed.

Quite a lovely tea!  I was sad to see that all that remains of this year’s harvest of this tea are a few samples … it’s a delicious tea, one that is definitely worth trying.  Keep an eye out and watch Life in Teacup’s website for an announcement, as they are planning on taking pre-orders for this tea just before next year’s harvest!  This tea is definitely worth the effort.

Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea from Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Tea Description:

High Mountain Oolong Tea is synonymous with the finest Oolong teas in the world. They are grown at high elevations in Taiwan, which has a unique environment due to its geographical location, mountainous terrain, and subtropical climate. The result is a greater quality tea. Also known as Wu-long Tea, this semi-oxidized tea is commonly brewed strong and is known to help metabolism.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve not had the opportunity to try a lot of Bird Pick Tea & Herb’s teas, but the ones that I have tried, I’ve been very impressed with and I can say without hesitation have been among some of the very best that I’ve tasted.  This Taiwan High Mountain Oolong is no exception.

This is exquisite!  The flavor is sweet and creamy, but not in a similar way to the creamy, buttery and/or milky notes that I’ve experienced from other green Oolongs.  This is a bit like sweet cream, yes, but, it doesn’t ever feel like it’s going to overwhelm the palate the way so many milk Oolong teas can.  It finishes so softly, so cleanly.  I get that sweet, creamy taste but without feeling like it’s building up on my tongue.

There is a lovely fruit note here as well, as though the sweet cream had been sweetened with fruit.  Plum, perhaps?  But a bit sweeter … like the sweetness of the plum without the tartness.

And of course there are some floral notes – but again, the floral tones are different here.  They aren’t sharp – just smooth and sweet.  Like a flower from a dream:  sweet, soft and gentle.  Nothing distinct or rudimentary, instead, this is like a billowy cloud of flowers floating off in the distance.

Another lovely and unique tea experience from Bird Pick Tea & Herb.  I love this!


Ceylon High Mountain from Drink T

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy:  Drink T

Company Description:

Ceylon is the ancestral name of the island nation of Sri Lanka, located off the southeastern coast of India. The name of the country was changed in 1972 but the teas are still known as Ceylon’s.

Taster’s Review:

Ceylon.  Typically, Ceylon teas are very smooth and unassuming.  By that, I mean that they aren’t particularly stout or brisk.  They aren’t particularly strong, nor do they generally possess any characteristics to them that make them stand out among other black teas such as an Assam or a Nilgiri or a Yunnan.

This smooth and unassuming nature of a typical Ceylon tea is what makes it a perfect choice for flavoring – because it won’t be too strong or brisk and overwhelm the more delicate features of the flavor being added.  It will just … be there.  Like your favorite pair of shoes:  sturdy yet comfortable.

But this is no typical Ceylon tea!  Grown in the high mountains of Sri Lanka, this Ceylon tea has some real tooth to it.  It is BRISK.  It even possesses a malty character that is quite uncharacteristic for a Ceylon!  This Ceylon tea is just too good to add flavoring to because it has enough of its own nuances to it that it doesn’t need anything extra.  It’s a fantastic stand-alone tea.

There is a bake-y quality to this tea that is deep and rich and yet there is an underlying smooth tone to it and even a sweet honey note.   There is a fair amount of drying astringency to this tea as well.

This is a very surprising Ceylon!  One that would be quite good served iced as well as hot.  When served hot, it is quite delicious served without sweetener or cream, but it is able to stand up to those additions should you wish to add them.  When served iced, I like to add a little bit of sweetener to it and a thin slice or two of lemon (or lime, or even orange!)

This High Mountain Ceylon from Drink T is a very unique, delicious Ceylon that I recommend to all tea drinkers, especially those who consider a Ceylon to be boring.  This Ceylon may change your mind!