Tea Surprises From Global Tea Hut

Here at Sororitea Sisters we review a LOT of tea and tea related products…and I mean A LOT…we have over 5,200 reviews so far and we are NOT slowing down any time soon. So much so that we average 4 posts each and everyday for the last several months now.

So needless to say when we receive something unique to review we like to make a BIG deal about it! When a company sends a little extra something with the order we purchased and/or receive – we get really excited, too! It literally can be ANYTHING…an additional free sample, a hand written note, a beautiful scenic photo/postcard of the tea fields or gardens…you name it!

Over the past couple of months we have seen some really wonderful items come our way from The Global Tea Hut. I wanted to share with you one of the many SURPRISES from them that we saw come down the pike.

Of course – when you see one of the Global Tea Hut packages in the mail you often get at least 1 tea along with a gorgeously printed issue of their tea magazine! The quality of their magazine really is TOP NOTCH! The full color printing is amazing, the photography is outstanding, the articles and information cannot be matched!

But recently I was blown away by another item I found in one of their mailings. It was a tin that was labeled BONUS. After much research I’ve come to an educated guess that it was their Daughter of the Forest 2016 Dian Hong Red Tea that was featured with the July 2016 installment.

The majority of the leaves are medium and longer in length, winding fairly tight, and tri-colored for the most part. There are a few leaves that were not tightly quasi-twisted but a more loose and flowing leaf even tho it was still dried to perfection.

The aroma of the tea leaves was lovely…airy, crisp, a bit malty, and gave off a subtle sweet wood aroma. Once infused the malt came to fill the air a little more. There were fruity notes and cocoa-like sniffs that came into play, too!

The liquor left in the cup post-infusion was dark brown with a bit of cloudy texture to it. The flavor was rich, malty, fruity, sweet, and even a little savory in a way. The end sip and the 2nd infusion I could pick up the woodsy notes more.

This BONUS Tea – what I concluded could very well be Global Tea Hut’s Daughter of the Forest 2016 Dian Hong Red Tea from their July 2016 installment was a pure delight! It was a tea that really stood out to me…a diamond in the rough so to speak.

It’s tea surprises like these that keep me on my toes and have me wondering what’s next in the wonderful world of tea!

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy:  Global Tea Hut

Global Tea Hut is a full-color magazine, featuring in-depth articles on tea wisdom, tea science, tea processing, tea brewing, tea history and Cha Dao. It’s produced entirely by volunteers. It’s completely free from advertisers and endorsements. And it’s filled with a love for Tea that far surpasses what you’ll see in any other magazine!

Each and every month includes visits to tea and teaware producers, articles and tea info translated from Chinese, spiritual articles on Cha Dao and coverage of topics rarely touched in the West. Plus, it has full-color photography of tea farms, rare teas, tea ceremonies, handmade teaware and more. As membership increases, we plan to travel more, covering tea stories in Korea, Japan, China as well as Taiwan.

Every issue contains a “Teawayfarer” section, introducing a Global Tea Hut member to the rest of the community, center news, upcoming events and other ways to connect.

We want to share all of this with the world, so all our past issues are available for free on this site!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!