Ginger Peach from Octavia Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Octavia Tea

Product Description:

Transport yourself to a fragrant orchard in mid-summer with this mouth-watering blend of peach, ginger and rare white tea. White tea has a delicate, honey-like flavor and contains the highest antioxidant level of all teas.

Our Ginger Peach white tea was a finalist at the World Tea Championships and is one of our best sellers!

Tasters Review:

WOW!  This one knocked my socks off!  WHY!?  Well, I don’t usually like Ginger in most blends…I guess it’s ok in some Ginger Peach pairings but I can usually sample and be satisfied without having to run right out and buy a bunch.  This on is different.  I think it’s because it’s a Ginger Peach WHITE Tea.  The White Tea is lovely in this and the Ginger and Peach couldn’t be more perfectly paired here.  This is nicely scented and flavored.  It makes your mouth water but it’s also thirst-quenching.  Yes, I could taste the Ginger, Peach, and White Tea, but I could also pick up on a honey-like aftertaste.  My iced attempt has an even more honey-like finish than the hot attempt – but I do like BOTH hot and cold of this delightful flavored white tea!  YUM!

Tai Ju Wang Chrysanthemum from Tea Valley

Tea Type: Herbal

Where To Buy: Tea Valley

Product Description:

Harvest when the flower is only partially bloomed, the Tia Ju Wang is one of the most excellent chrysanthemum teas available. Made with only the finest Hangzhou white chrysanthemum flowers, the tea’s fresh and sweet aroma never fails to elicit an “Mmmm” reaction. When brewed, the chrysanthemum flowers produce a light-bodied tea that is vibrant yellow in color. The tea has a honey-like sweetness and a heaven-like fragrance. This tea finishes with a delicious aftertaste.

Graceful and pure, you will find this tea incredibly refreshing. Superior all around, the Hangzhou Tai Ju Wang is a truly a king among all chrysanthemum teas.

Tasters Review:

I have been wanting to try Tea Valley’s teas and recently I have been able to try a few of them!  Including Tai Ju Wang Chrysanthemum.  I have several thoughts about this tisane and here are a few of them…

This herbal tisane surprised me.  It started off smelling like Chamomile and then switched gears into something much more pleasing to my nose!  For that I am grateful.  I’m not really into Chamomile.  Perhaps Chrysanthemums are more my style?

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one…after all I am looking at the dry mix and thinking to myself…I’m going to drink flower buds!

If anything I was thinking it would taste more like bitter flowers like rose or marigold or something but that wasn’t the case…thankfully!

In the company’s product description it says “Honey-like sweetness” and that is completely right!

This is a pure delight!  It’s a lovely-sweet – almost honey-like after taste but a bit more buttery or slippery than others I have thought to be honey-like. Maybe Buttery-Popcorn covered in honey…Not sure…but there is something more to the aftertaste than just honey-sweetness and sweet-floral notes and I just think it’s darling!

This Herbal is delicate and pretty and flavorful and surprising and I am so happy I was able to try it!  I’m looking forward to my next cup!