Rosé All Day from DAVIDs Tea. . . .

“Whoa. This tea smells like…”

“Wine?” My fiancé laughed, finishing my sentence for me.

Yes, dear reader– this wine-inspired tea (Rosé All Day– David’s Tea, your marketing team sure is on point with the trends) smells like– you guessed it– wine. Like, for real. There is an astringent, slightly alcoholic grape-i-ness behind all the fruit in this infusion. It’s lightly pink and perfectly fruity, but with a hint of something MORE that just screams “ice cold alcoholic grapes!” to me. Brewed (which I’ve only done cold so far, because, hello– wine without the alcohol that I can drink during the workday, gimme), it’s that same scent brought totally to life– perfectly reminiscent of an icy glass of pink goodness. I think this one would be as excellent on its own as it would mixed with some chilled prosecco– or would be an excellent mocktail for someone avoiding alcohol but still wanting in on the fun! Perfect to have in your summer-sipping arsenal– and totally Instagram-worthy (just make sure you hashtag that #roséallday for maximum trendiness).

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy:  DAVIDs Tea

This delicate and mildly fruity pink tea tastes just like a chilled glass of rosé wine.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Ice Wine from Design A Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Design A Tea

Company Description:

One might ask…”Ice Wine Tea?” We sure did! We were asked to see what we could come up with- so we did a little research and found a great base recipe and added to it. This tastes just like iced wine. It’s a black tea base with ice wine flavoring (iced white grapes from Ontario) and organic pear flavoring. Together they leave a subtle sweet after taste of white grape wine. You won’t need to add sugar to this one, it’s sweet enough on it’s own

Taster’s Review:

I really like this tea!

Having tried one or two “Ice Wine” tea offerings from other tea companies, I kind of formed an opinion of this tea before tasting it, thinking it would taste very much like some of the others that I’ve tried.

Now, that’s not to say that I didn’t like those other Ice Wine teas, I did.  But I like this Ice Wine tea SO MUCH better!

I really believe that what makes this Ice Wine tea so exceptional is the addition of the pear flavor.  It adds a certain smoothness to the sweet-tart flavor of the ice wine grape which can be sometimes rather overwhelming.  While I cannot pick out the pear flavor distinctly in this cup, I can taste the rich, nectar-like sweetness that it imparts, and I can taste how the ice wine grape flavor is affected by this addition.

The black tea base is smooth.  It is not what I would call exceptionally brisk or strong.  Mellow is the word I would use to describe it.  But this mild quality is needed for the flavors in this cup, and a stronger tea would overpower the flavor of the pear and grape.

If you’ve been contemplating trying an ice wine tea THIS is the one you should try. This is a tea I’d recommend to all those out there who love a good, flavored tea.

And as good as it is hot – it’s even better iced.  Quenches the thirst as it relaxes you – this is really a delightful tea.

Ice Wine Tea from Three Thousand Leaves/Special Teas Etc

Leaf Type: Black Tea, White Tea

Where To Buy: Three Thousand Leaves/Special Teas Etc

Product Description:

Site Description:
4oz Beguiling sweet pear notes with hints of berry and caramel. To enhance the natural flavors, consumption with sugar is recommended. Makes a great iced tea!

Description on Package:
Black Tea, Freeze Dried Grapes, White Tea, Ontario Ice Wine, Natural Flavors

Tasters Notes:

Last Fall My Parents, Husband, and I went to Finger Lakes Wine Region for a long weekend.  We did a lot of sampling of several wines.  One of the more trendy wines that is becoming more and more popular is ICE WINE.  ICE WINE is very VERY sweet.  You can read more about actual Ice Wine here.  When I started to see Ice Wine Tea I was very excited.  I have tried a few.

This smells JUST LIKE ICE WINE prior to infusion…as well as after infusion. The scents become more identifiable after the infusion is complete.

I can taste the ice wine comparison. There is a pear taste as well and a caramel finish on it. It’s VERY sweet just like the ice wine! I am looking forward to trying this iced but I will say it is wonderful hot!