Ginger Peach from Jar of Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Jar of Tea

Company Description:

Our Ginger Peach Black Tea is a top notch organic black tea, organic apricot, organic ginger, and organic flavoring. Great for soothing aches and pains!

Ingredients: organic black tea, organic apricot, organic ginger, and organic peach flavoring.

Taster’s Review:

Peach is one of my favorite scents.  I just love how delicious and sweet it smells – like a warm, sunny day!  When blended with ginger, the aroma becomes even more delicious and my mouth begins to water – much like it did when I took a sniff of the dry leaf of this tea.  YUM!

This is a pleasant tasting ginger peach tea.  The ginger is strong but does not overwhelm the peach essence.  The flavor is sweet and spicy, just the way I like a ginger peach tea to be.  The black tea flavor is mellow and sort of sits in the background and lets these two flavors play on the palate, but isn’t completely absent from the cup.

One thing that caused me a bit of confusion when I first read the information about this tea is – why use apricot bits in the blend rather than peach bits?  As a tea blender, I realize that the fruity bits that are often added to a tea really have very little (to no) impact on the flavor of the tea so it really wouldn’t matter much if they used apricot or peach bits, or even apple bits or NO bits whatsoever.   That being said, why not just use peach bits?  Are they not as readily available as apricot?  But, perhaps that is the issue, maybe not that peach bits are not available, but perhaps that organic peach bits are a bit more difficult to come by than organic apricot.  I don’t know… and perhaps I shall continue to wonder…

One thing that I am not confused about is the popularity of ginger and peach as a combination when it comes to flavored teas – a lot of tea companies seem to have a ginger peach variety.  However, some of these teas are not as well balanced in flavor as is this blend.  I like that the flavors are clearly focused, that I can taste all the elements, and I also like that it is all organic ingredients.   This tea is a real winner – and while it’s tasty served hot, it’s also very refreshing as an iced tea too.

Safari Chai from Jar of Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where To Buy:  Jar of Tea

Company Description:

Our organic Safari Chai is perfect for that African Summer Safari! This thirst quenching spiced rooibos with orange peel, clove and cinnamon hits the spot over ice.

Profile: Makes a light amber cup with the naturally sweet taste of red rooibos and a light orange mulled spice. No sweetener need with a perfect balance.

Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic clove

Taster’s Review:

The aroma of this tea reminds me quite a bit of a spicy cinnamon candy (like red-hots).  I can also detect hints of orange in the fragrance – it smells really delicious!

This is a very light-bodied chai – perfect for when you want a spiced tea but without the heaviness (or caffeine!) of a black tea based masala chai.  Cinnamon is the most prominent flavor here and it offers pleasant warmth to the flavor, but it isn’t over-the-top spicy-hot (like the aforementioned red-hots).  The orange is sweet and juicy and seems to even out the spicier notes in this blend.

The rooibos adds a little bit of a woodsy note to this cup, but it does not overwhelm the other flavors  – I can really taste the cinnamon, orange and clove here.   Because the rooibos has a natural sweetness to it, this blend really doesn’t require additional sweetening.

I like this quite a bit more than I thought I would.  I drank my sample hot, but, it would make a lovely iced beverage as well – very thirst-quenching!

Lemonade Tea from Jar of Tea

Tea Type: Green Rooibos

Buy From: Jar of Tea

Product Description:

That perfect caffeine free lemonade tea with organic green rooibos, organic lemon grass, organic lemon peel, organic lemon myrtle, organic calendula, and organic flavoring. Perfect over ice!

Ingredients: organic green rooibos, organic lemon grass, organic lemon peel, organic lemon myrtle, organic calendula, and organic flavoring.

Jar is 5 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter.

There is approx 3.4 ounces of tea in the jar which makes over 68 cups of tea.


Use 1 teaspoon per cup.

There are many ways to use loose leaf tea.

1. In a teaball
2. In a french press
3. In a pot and use a hand strainer when pouring into cup
4. In a loose leaf tea bag
5. Pour over a coffee filter. The only mission is to strain the leaf from the water before serving. It’s that simple!

Rooibos is a hardy leaf and is usually brewed in a full boil, however, due to the herbs in this blend, it is best brewed about 190-200 degrees. Depending on strength desired, you can steep anywhere from a few seconds to a couple mins. Rooibos is naturally sweet and usually does not need sweetener. However, Rooibos is excellent with milk, cream and a little honey!


Each Jar of Tea is blended and packaged in a real store, not a home kitchen! If your ever in the area, stop by Park Hill Pantry which is located at 3718 JFK Blvd., North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116. If you have any questions, call us at 866-950-AURA between 11am-7pm central time Tues-Fri and 11am-5pm on Saturday.

Tasters Review:

Yesterday I tried LEMONADE from Jar of Tea and LOVED it.

I know I am getting straight to the point with this review and not building up to my conclusion like I usually try to do but this Flavored Green Rooibos gets straight to the point as well – so it’s only fitting.

If you like LEMON you will like this tisane.  If you like LEMONADE please TRY this flavored green rooibos!

The green rooibos background seems to fit the bill with the other lemony flavors here and it makes for an awesomely sweet lemonade taste.  I’m sure this would be wonderful iced but let’s just say it didn’t make it that far.  It was so yummy it didn’t stay in the cup long.

I will say I LOVE the way the way the jars and labels are decorated from Jar of Tea (even if some tea lovers argue glass isn’t their preferred way of storing or the safest long term storage method).  But if you are a fan of different label and packaging or giving as a gift or have a cool/dry/dark place to display this jar – or if you are like me and don’t think it will last very long on your shelf because it’s so darned yummy you can’t resist it – you are going to want to check this one out!

Jar of Tea’s website is lovely and their customer service is top-notch!  They have a creative selection of tea and tisanes and for that I am truly thankful.