Jin Pin Red Tea (Black Tea) from Yezi Tea

Jin PinTea Type:
Red Tea
(Black Tea)

Where to Buy:
Yezi Tea

Product Description:

Jin Pin black loose-leaf tea comes from China’s famed Nanhu Mountain range, which is covered nearly year-round by a dense layer of fog. In addition, the extreme difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures there creates the ideal conditions for growing high-quality tea.

In Chinese, Jin Pin means gold personality. It is no coincidence that the brew produced by Jin Pin is a dark orange color. The tea produces a strong, smoky flavor with contrasting tones of chocolate and caramel. Yezi is able to bring you the finest-quality Jin Pin tea because of our collaboration with farmer Huang Jian. For the last 250 years, the Nanhu Mountain range has been home to some of China’s highest-quality organic teas, and we are confident that you’ll take just one sip and say, “I agree.”

Tasters Review:

Jin Pin Red Tea is the official name on the label but as many of you know Red Tea is also known as Black Tea or visa versa.  I’ve enjoyed everything I have sampled from Yezi Tea thus far.

My husband has been drinking more tea lately because he’s NOT drinking as much coffee and when he does drink coffee he’s opting for the decaf.  The tea isn’t decaf but it’s darn tasty!  This morning he was in NEED of some black tea.  And when I say he was in NEED he was certainly in NEED.  I chose this tea for him.  His tea tastes are quite limited compared to mine.  He likes stronger and maltier black teas and will add sugar to it most of the time.  I don’t know if he’s ever asked for tea at work.  Because I do NOT add anything to my tea he got a cup of this tea without any additives and he’s been talking about it all morning.  He loves it!

As for me – I am a fan as well!  Why!?  Because it’s strong, flavorful, a bit brisk and crisp, it has a slight smoky flavor but also has quite a bit of maltiness to it as well as caramel notes.  In the 2nd Infusion – it’s much of the same with the exception of the Caramel notes…those diminish in the 2nd infusion.  It’s still very tasty, tho.

This is another winner, folks!  Certainly worth a try!