Nutmeg Cream from Butiki Teas

butikilogoTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Tea Description:

A wake-you-up Indian Breakfast tea with a round mouthfeel, light astringency, amazing malt and nut character and even some notes of baker’s chocolate.  And of course the main feature:  nutmeg with the taste of cream.  Simply put, this tea tastes like Christmas.  Sweeten the pot if you want something more decadent and a taste of orange.  

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Taster’s Review:

This month’s Tea Tasting Box from Amoda Tea is a little different from the boxes that I receive the other months of the year.  How?  Because this year, Amoda worked with Stacy at Butiki Teas to create three custom blends JUST for Amoda Tea … just for this month’s box!  (You can read more about that here.)

This Nutmeg Cream from Butiki Teas is the first tea that I’m sampling from the assortment of three new and exciting teas that we were sent in this month’s box.  Here are the ingredients:

Khongea Golden Tippy Assam, Organic Sourenee Second Flush Dinjoye Assam, Organic Kundaly, Organic Calendula, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Natural Flavoring (Vegan).

What an unusual and delicious cuppa this is!  It tastes unlike any tea that I’ve ever tasted.  I love that nutmeg is featured prominently in this blend, and I love how the natural nutty notes of the tea accentuate the nutty, earthy flavors of the spice.  It’s warm but not spicy.  As the description above suggests – this simply tastes like Christmas.  More specifically, it reminds me of the flavors that are coming out of the kitchen during the holiday season like freshly baked cookies as well as other sweet treats and warmly spiced beverages.

The black tea is rich and offers a very solid background of flavor.  It’s a very full-flavored, well-rounded taste that fills the palate with the robust taste of black tea, with notes of earth and caramel-y undertones.  It has that sweet, bake-y sort of flavor that I like in a breakfast blend type of tea.  There is a strong malty note to this as well, and it melds beautifully with the nutmeg and cream notes.

This is really so, so good.  THANK YOU to Amoda Tea for such a lovely holiday gift to your subscribers.  At first, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t a product information sheet like I’ve found in my previous boxes, but, the flavor of just this tea makes up for no product sheet.  I’m so glad that you chose Butiki Teas for your holiday box this year, because this is the best box thus far!

Organic Kundaly from Butiki Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Butiki Teas

Tea Description:

Our Organic Kundaly is sourced from the Kanan Devan Hills Plantation in Kerala, India. This extra special Pekoe grade tea has floral and roasted walnut notes. Organic Kundaly is an assertive lightly astringent black tea.

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Taster’s Review:

This is a really wonderful black tea that reminds me of autumn.  It has a warm, roasted nut flavor that I associate with the crispness of fall, when the air begins to cool and the leaves begin to change.

I haven’t heard of Kundaly tea before, at first I thought it might be the name of the plantation on which the tea is grown, but I then noticed in the description that the name of the plantation in India is the Kanan Devan Hills Plantation.  So, I began to carefully sip the tea, trying to place it.

Is it a Ceylon?  It has some notes that remind me of a Ceylon, like hints of floral tones, and an astringency that makes me think of Ceylon tea.  Is it an Assam?  It doesn’t have the malty tone that I usually associate with an Assam.  It is a fairly assertive type of black tea, I’d place it somewhere between a Ceylon and Assam in terms of strength.

But, it really isn’t quite like either one of these teas.  The nutty flavors that I mentioned earlier seem to develop as I sip, and I really taste the walnut-like flavors as mentioned in the description from Butiki Teas.  But, I was still quite curious about this tea, so I decided to drop a note to Stacy from Butiki Teas to learn more about it.  Here’s what she had to say:

This tea comes from the Nilgiri tea region in south India.  It has characteristics of most Nilgiri teas but it is sweeter and lighter than most Nilgiris that I have tasted.  Its sourced from the Kanan Devan Hills Plantation in Munnar in Kerala state. 

Kundaly is one of 3 rivers in Munnar.  I had originally purchased this tea solely to use as a base tea for some flavored teas but decided to also sell it separately because I was enjoying it so much.  It’s the base of our Almond Indulgence and Raspberry Truffle tea.  

I hadn’t even guessed a Nilgiri because I usually think of Nilgiri to be more similar to Assam teas with a slightly malty note and deep, rich flavor.  I brewed another pot to see if I might notice more of a Nilgiri type flavor, and when it’s freshly brewed and just poured from the teapot hot, I notice some malty taste an a richness that is definitely very Nilgiri-like.

But since I don’t usually drink my teas straight from the teapot (I like them to cool slightly, at least!) I didn’t notice it before.  As the tea cools, the malty notes take on a more sweet toasted nut flavor.  It is certainly lighter in texture and taste than most Nilgiri teas I’ve tasted, but, it does have a pleasant assertiveness and strength to it.

This is a very enjoyable black tea – one that is strong enough for a morning tea, but also quite nice as a contemplative afternoon cup.  It is one of those teas that is absolutely worth exploring – I highly recommend it!