Lime Jello from 52Teas. . . .

A friend of mine won a giveaway hosted by 52 Teas awhile ago. The perk of my friend winning the giveaway is that I still got to try the teas she won without adding too much to my ever growing stash of teas. Among her winnings was this Lime Jello Green Tea.

Lime Jello Green Tea is made up of a blend of green teas, lime leaves, limes, pineapples, marshmallow root and natural flavors. It smells like…well, lime jello. Now I have never been the biggest jello fan but the smell of jello powder, with its artificial and candy-like fruit scents, has always appealed to me so this tea captured my nose and with that, my attention.

As I drink the tea, I definitely get lime candy though it is not as in-your-face pungent as the smell of the dry leaf would suggest. Then again, the taste of jello is never as strong as the smell of the powder so I can’t be too upset about that. In addition to the lime, I get a touch of bitterness from the green tea base that I feel keeps this grounded while the marshmallow root makes this come off light, like any jello-inspired tea should be.

One thing that surprised me about this blend is that there is a creaminess here that I wasn’t expecting. Even more surprising is how this tea manages to stay light even with the creamy element, which is much more commonly found in heavier/richer dessert teas.

Lime Jello is not something I would have ever thought I wanted made into a tea but now that I have had it, I will say that I approve. It is bright and fun and a great treat for warmer days.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  52Teas

This tea is no longer available but click below for teas that are.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Lime Mojito from Tickled Tea. . .

I find that like many others, my green and white teas tend to be favored in the warmer months while my black teas are my go-to in the harsh Canadian winters. And yet here I am in the winter sipping on Lime Mojito, a sencha tea by Tickled Tea flavored with lime, lemon verbana, lemongrass, apples, stevia extract, and natural and artificial lime flavor.

Since this is inspired by a cold cocktail, I iced part of my sample while brewing the rest of the sample as a hot tea. I steeped both for 3 minutes in 185F water.

Starting with the hot tea, the first thing I notice is it has a nice lime flavor, albeit a subtle lime flavor. Right next to the lime flavor is the apple, which builds the more you drink. Simultaneously, the lime gives way to a more generic citrus vibe. The base tea and the stevia are non-distinctive, something I am happy about but others might wish they made more of a contribution. All in all, it is an alright tea but maybe more generically apple-citrus than lime mojito, at least brewed as a hot tea.

One thing that transfers from the hot tea to the cold is the softness of the tea. Hopefully people know what I am talking about because I don’t know how to describe it other than saying the mouthfeel is quite soft. Coupled with the soft mouthfeel is that gentle citrus flavor, almost more lemon than lime this time, and it is very smooth, almost creamy. The apple flavor is also noticeable through the iced tea.

Once again, it is an okay tea but certainly not what I would call a Lime Mojito. The cocktail has five ingredients – lime, mint, sugar, soda water, and rum. This tea has the citrus and it is sweet so I could even give it the sugar but this needs a stronger lime flavor and the mint and rum are lacking altogether. It was fun to try though!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green
Where to Buy:  Tickled Tea

This tea is no longer available but click below for teas that are.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Lime Green with Envy from BlendBee

Lime-Green-with-EnvyTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Amoda Tea

Tea Description:

You don’t see as many lime teas as you do lemon because it’s so much more sour than a lemon and can be tough to balance in a tea. Here it really works though. The lime is tame. The strong green teas and the raspberry leaf give the tea backbone – a little bit earthy, vegetal and what hints at a black tea flavour.

What’s In It: 
All organic ingredients: sencha green tea, china green tea, lemon peel, raspberry leaf, lime extract.

Learn more about this tea here.

Learn more about Amoda’s Monthly Subscription Box here.

Taster’s Review:

Let’s all say that when I opened up this month’s Amoda Tea box, I squealed. . . LOUDLY! I love Amoda Tea’s monthly box and to see a company that I have been wanting to try for some tea featured, well, I was a happy girl to say the least.

Each month Amoda Tea puts together a thoughtful offering for their customers.  What I love is that when I open the box up, they have lovingly packaged my teas with my name on it. That just makes you smile!

This month they featured BlendBee, a company that I first heard about on Twitter.  When I saw that there was a sampling of Lime Green with Envy, I couldn’t get my infuser out quick enough.  This tea is described as a green tea with a sour twist. That is a lot for a tea to live up to. So I prepared my water and sat somewhat patiently while the tea steeped.  3 minutes later I was ready to take my first sip.

My initial thoughts? Wow, they got this right! I can really pick up that lime flavor.  Sour but not overly so that I’m puckering up as I drink the tea.  The green tea base is laying down a nice flavor that is somewhat grassy with notes of a vegetal finish.  Each flavor contrasts the other in a very nice way. This tea was crisp and refreshing!

As much as I loved this tea hot, I wanted to try it cold so I popped in a few ice cubes, threw the infuser back in the tea and let it steep for a few more minutes.

What I got in return was one of the best iced teas I’ve had in a bit. This will be one of those teas that I’ll be remembering for some time to come. Cold this tea just shines. I would love to finish this glass off with a nice lemon or lime wedge and possibly turn this tea into a mojito even. Cooled down the lime flavor really shines thru and I’m reminded of summer.  A great tea to have to bring some sunshine in your day.

This month’s offerings have made me realize that I need an Amoda Monthly Tea Box in my life every month.  I will be asking for a subscription for Christmas and if Santa doesn’t bring me what I want? I’ll be getting for myself!