Lingonberry Green Ambessa Tea from Harney & Sons

LingonberryGreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Harney & Sons

Tea Description:

Years of Japanese and Scandinavian tradition come together in this elegant blend. The fruit-forward notes of tart Nordic lingonberries strike a delicate balance with the refreshing green tea.

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Taster’s Review:

I found to get the level of flavor that I wanted from this Ligonberry Green tea from Harney & Sons’ new Ambessa Tea line, I needed to make a stronger brew.  This is where loose leaf shows up the bagged or sacheted tea, because I could have easily added a little extra leaf … but for a sacheted tea like this, it’s either use less water or another tea sachet.  I used two tea sachets for my cup.

The first time I brewed this (with just one bag), there was certainly flavor, but it was just a little too delicate for my liking.  But now, with two tea bags, the flavor is THERE, and I’m liking it.

The lingonberry is a unique flavor … not one that is often found in tea blends.  I think I’ve found lingonberry as an ingredient in one or two other teas … it’s a rare thing, though.  Usually, the only other place I can find lingonberry at all is at IKEA.

And I like the flavor that the lingonberry brings to this cup.  It is mostly tart, but there’s a little bit of sweetness to it to and it adds a really bright, enjoyable flavor.  I’m not one who usually rejoices in tart flavors, but I am really liking the flavor of the lingonberry here.

The green tea offers a sweet taste with a soft texture.  It’s a nice contrast to the sharp, tart notes of the lingonberry.  It’s really a very pleasant culinary experience … and it’s almost like I can taste the mastery of a chef (in this case, Chef Marcus Samuelsson) behind this cup because it’s no ordinary tea!

I have tried all four of the Ambessa Teas now, and I really enjoyed all four, and overall, I’d say that this tea is a win.  It does lose points, however, because I needed two tea bags to satisfy my palate flavor wise.  For me to be thoroughly impressed by this Ambessa line, I would like for it to be offered in a loose leaf format.

I was just thinking that I’d love to experience another Chef Marcus Samuelsson tea creation now … but what flavor should he attempt next?  He’s done Earl Grey, he’s done Chocolate … I guess … I’d love to try a Chai from Chef Samuelsson!

Swedish Delight from sTEAp Shoppe

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  sTEAp Shoppe

Tea Description:

High grown Organic Ceylon Flowery Orange Pekoe Black tea with Swedish delights like organic wild Lingonberry, Cardamon and Orange make for a full flavored unique black tea. First you are taken with the aroma of Cardamon then the flavors of Lingonberry and a full flavored robust Ceylon black tea with just a touch of orange citrus. The flavor of Lingonberry lingers on the tongue for a spectacular finish.

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Taster’s Review:

Wow!  This flavored black Ceylon tea is quite unlike any other that I’ve tried.  It is – indeed – truly unique.

The cardamom and the orange notes work very harmoniously together, but I don’t think that these two ingredients is what makes this blend so unique.  There are quite a few orange spice blends out there.  What makes this stand out is the lingonberry.

Lingonberry is a fruit that I have very limited experience with, and most of that experience is limited to my visits to IKEA.  They have a cafeteria there, and when we shop there and start to feel hungry, we often visit the cafeteria.  The food is decent and the prices are good.  I usually order the meatballs that are served with a bit of lingonberry sauce on the side, and for a drink, I usually choose the lingonberry soda.  So… yeah, like I said, my experience with lingonberry is pretty isolated … I think I may have tried one other tea with lingonberry in it.

And I am LOVING the lingonberry in this blend.  From what I understand, the raw lingonberry is quite tart, but I’m not finding this blend isn’t overwhelmingly tart.  It does definitely have a tarty tingle to it toward the tail, and a sweet-tart kind of flavor throughout.  The cardamom adds a hint of warmth to the cup – just a touch of spice that offers a nice contrast to the overall flavor.

These three ingredients –  orange, cardamom and lingonberry – present themselves in a really stunning way that is smooth yet pleasantly tart and sweet.   This delivery is facilitated, no doubt, by the black tea base.  The organic black tea used in this blend is a Ceylon and I think that this was a perfect choice for this particular blend.  The Ceylon is smooth and medium-bodied and manages to make itself part of the overall flavor of the blend without disrupting the unique combination of lingonberry, orange and cardamom.

This blend is a real winner.  It has some comforting similarities to a autumnal/winter-y orange spice blend but with the added flavor of lingonberry it becomes really quite unique.  This would make a great alternative to the usual holiday blend!

Super Fruit Tea from TeaPigs

Tea Type: Herbal

Where To Buy: TeaPigs

Product Description:

We can’t get enough of our blueberries and cranberries since we were told they’re packed full of super powers. To get more of your daily antioxidants, try this blend of real berry pieces, which deliver a punchy, fruity taste unlike any fruit tea you’ve tasted before. Again, we’ve looked after the berries, not crushed them.

Compare our whole berries in our tea temples to the crushed up bits in your regular tea bag; whole is best.

Super fruity, this cheeky drink is a little tart.

Try it:
With honey, if you like your fruit sweeter. Or cream.

Good if you’re feeling:
Slow and lifeless. The antioxidants in our super fruits will help stave off “Squashed Hedgehog Syndrome” (i.e. “feeling run down” – get it? Sorry).

To buy our super fruit herbal tea packed with berries online, select the quantity of loose leaf tea, temple teas or sample tins you would like and then add to basket.

Hibiscus, elderberry, blackcurrant, raisin, flavouring, lingonberry, blueberry.

Brewing Instructions:
One tea temple per person, infused in boiling water for at least 3 minutes. Don’t rush – just relax and watch the berries swirl.

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Tasters Review:

Well, Colored Me Surprised!

I’m not sure what made me think of that phrase…maybe it was me reminiscing of a friends cat the other day…her name was COLOR ME RAINBOW…anyhow…on to the tea review, eh!?

I really thought this was going to be pure hibiscus! I’m glad I was wrong!

I could taste mostly elderberries and currants and then the blueberries sneaked their way in! THEN there was the slightest hint of cranberries towards the end of the sip!  VERY interesting!

The website said this has raisins in it but the wrapping doesn’t mention it…just for the record I cannot taste raisins. The Hibiscus is accompanying the berries but really isn’t much of a tangy and/or tart factor in the taste.  It’s more fruity and berry like than hibiscus…thankfully!

This was very good!  And it totally surprised me!  Nicely done TeaPigs!