PRODUCT REVIEW: Matcha Lemonade (Lemonatcha) from Matcha Mountains

Tea Information:

Tea Type:  Green Tea/Matcha Mix

Where to Buy:  Where Matcha Mountains Products are sold

Product Description:

Lemonatcha is our version of homestyle lemonade offering the refreshing tanginess of lemon combined with the gentle taste of green tea. Enjoy this one cold or hot – and for a special treat mix it with carbonated mineral water.

Taster’s Review:

This is fabulous!

Is there really anything more refreshing on a hot day than a glass of ice cold lemonade?  Well, now there is – it’s Lemonatcha!

This tastes just like fresh-squeezed lemonade (my gramma made it best because she had a huge, very prolific lemon tree in her backyard.  Those lemons were huge!  Sometimes they’d get so big that she could make a pitcher of lemonade from just one lemon!  But… I digress!) but with just a hint of sweet Matcha.

The lemonade part of this beverage really is the strongest flavor, but as I continue to drink this Lemonatcha, I notice the flavor of the Matcha develop.  However, even by the end of the glass, the Matcha is not a strong, overbearing presence – but I don’t think I want it to be.  This is just perfect – just the way it is.

And even though the Matcha is not strong here, you still get the great health benefits of Matcha. It is sweet – pleasantly so, but not too sweet … err… remember that old commercial “not too tart and not too sweet”?  That fits with this beverage as well.

This is so yummy!  I suggest stocking up on this for the summer!  This will be your new favorite lemonade – and the kids will love this too!

Chai Matcha Latte Tea from Matcha Mountain

Tea Type:
(Green Tea Base)

In the form of a Latte

Where To Buy:
Matcha Mountains

Product Description:
Spice up your life this season with our chai matcha latte made from organic freshly ground spices cardamon, cinnamon, cloves… and japanese matcha. Accent our chai with a cinnamon stick or dollop of whip cream and enjoy hot or cold.

Tasters Review:

This was the very first Matcha Mountains product I ever tried and I must say…I was hooked right away!

Chai Matcha Latte from Matcha Mountains  smelled like a gentle chai with green tea in powder form.   Once I  added it to milk and heated the aroma got stronger!  It had a very nice chai smell to it!  The color after preparing was much like the photo above.

The taste is very satisfying!   The mixture of spices are wonderful…they are both sweet and spicy but not overly done my any means.  I like this very much.  If matcha latte’s could whisper – this one would say “I was made for you!”

PRODUCT REVIEW: Original Matcha Latte from Matcha Mountains

Where to Buy:  Where Matcha Mountains Products Are Sold.

Product Description:

Our original mix is ideal for getting you going in the morning or as an afternoon “pick me up”. Our original mix is for people who like the taste of green tea, although a few drops of vanilla extract or syrup is great. Simply mix with hot water and add your favourite frothed milk product. This product has the highest portion of matcha per serving and has a thick creamy texture.

Taster’s Review:


I love Matcha and have been drinking it for years (although I will say that in the last year or two I have been drinking more than I had in the previous years), but I must admit that Matcha Latte drinks are a bit new to me, having only tried my first Matcha Latte in the last year or so.  But, since that time, I’ve been hooked!

This Matcha Latte mix has a sweetness to it, but it isn’t too sweet nor does it overwhelm the natural flavor of the green tea.  I can taste the distinct bittersweet taste of the Matcha, which I really enjoy.  This is incredibly creamy and energizing.

I love that this product is organic, and I also like that I can choose just how creamy I want this Matcha Latte to be by choosing my own milk – I can go with skim milk for less creaminess or I can really go for it and use half & half for an out of this world creamy experience.  Or if I prefer a non-dairy option, I can use almond milk or rice milk, or even coconut milk!

This is a versatile, delicious treat!   This product may be a little difficult to find since Matcha Mountains does not seem to sell it retail, however, it appears that it is sold in various Cafes and it is well worth the effort to find this latte mix because it’s outstanding!