Mellow Mango Peach from Della Terra Teas

Mellow Mango Peach from Della Terra Teas
Mellow Mango Peach from Della Terra Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Della Terra Teas

Tea Description: 

When it’s time to relax and “mellow out” it’s time for our Mellow Mango Peach.  Perfect for summertime, the real pieces of mango and peach along with the rose petals also make this perfect for anytime.

Ingredients: Black Tea, peach and mango flavoring, peach bits, mango bits*

For allergy info visit our FAQ

Serving Size: 1 level tsp./6oz serving

Water Temp:  210°F

Steep Time: 2-5 minutes


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Taster’s Review:

Mellow Mango Peach from Della Terra Teas is one of my favorite blends from Della Terra, although it is difficult to pick a favorite from all of their amazing teas!

This tea taste so light, so fruity, and I absolutely love the tropical notes playfully bouncing around on my palate! The peach and mango in this tea are unmistakable and so natural tasting. This tea is absolutely amazing hot or iced and I love drinking it both ways. This is a summer staple for sure. I adore a good peach tea, but this is my all time favorite peach tea around! Not to forget about the mango but I do enjoy the peach notes most because I have always been on the search for the best peach tea, and I have yet to find one I like more.

I also really like that Della Terra lists all possible allergens on their site. I had purchased a lot of tea for someone last holiday season and she has some severe allergies, so I went right to Della Terra Teas knowing they had allergens clearly listed for each tea. This made shopping quite simple. Della Terra also ships to a lot more countries than some tea companies.

The base in this tea is good, it supports all of the flavors without being lost behind them all. The tea has the perfect amount of sweetness. I also notice the slightest hint at vanilla in the tea, even though this is not on the list of ingredients. Perhaps it is how my taste buds interpret the blend, but I love it. The rose gives just this light, subtle hint at a floral note but I would never call this a floral tea. Everything works in perfect harmony here, its awesome!