PRODUCT REVIEW: Matcha Chai (Results) Minteas from Tea Forté

Where to Buy:  Tea Forté

Product Description:

Slimming matcha, with a tingle of cinnamon
to aid in keeping you fit and feeling fab.

Ingredients:  sorbitol, xylitol, organic matcha green tea, Fair Trade Certified™ organic white tea, natural flavors, calcium stearate

Taster’s Review:

Like the Ginger Pear (Regroup) Minteas that I tasted and reviewed previously, I’m liking these Matcha Chai Minteas.  They remind me a bit of a cinnamon mint with an invigorating burst of cinnamon flavor that is somewhat reminiscent of “Big Red” chewing gum (do they still even make that?  I can’t recall seeing it for a long time … but then, I haven’t really been looking.)

Unless I’m really focusing on the flavors, I don’t discern much of a Matcha flavor or a white tea flavor in these, nor do I notice many other chai-like flavors other than a strong, spicy cinnamon note.  The flavors are there, they are just less noticeable than the cinnamon.  The other flavors become much more apparent after I’ve allowed the Mintea to dissolve for a few minutes on my tongue, and then bite into the undissolved portion.  Then I can really notice more of the chai flavors as well as the Matcha.  Yum!

However, what I’m enjoying most about these is not only the flavors but also the texture of them (they remind me of my gramma’s Certs that she used to keep in her purse whenever the grandkids wanted some “candy”).  They have a strong, slick surface that once dissolved slightly feels a little less slick, but still very fine and a bit like granular powder.  Once I bite into one, it becomes a smooth, powdery candy-like texture (but not a sugary texture).  And despite the candy-like texture of these, I like that they don’t taste too sweet.  There is a mild sweetness to them which keeps them palatable, but it never becomes cloying or sickly sweet.

As for the fitness/slimming aspect, I think I would need to have more of these on a regular basis before I actually noticed “Results.”  However, these are tasty enough that I certainly wouldn’t mind keeping these on hand and enjoying them on a regular basis… whenever I need something tasty to help freshen the breath and cleanse the palate.  Plus the tin is pretty cute too.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ginger Pear (Regroup) Minteas from Tea Forté

Where to Buy:  Tea Forté

Product Description:

Gingko with the lush flavor of juicy pear will have you revisting your purpose, bringing focus to your mind.

Ingredients:  sorbitol, xylitol, natural flavors, Fair Trade Certified™ organic white tea, organic ginkgo, calcium stearate

Taster’s Review:

Hmm… I like these.  I wasn’t really sure about them at first … I’ve tried tea mints, some I’ve liked, and some … not so much.  But these are quite nice.  Not too sweet, and I like that even though they’ve only 1 calorie, they’ve not been sweetened using aspartame – to which I’m allergic.  I also like that they’re only 1 calorie because they’re quite tasty and I found myself wanting another after the first… and another after that.

The flavor is intense.  The ginger is the strongest note, and the pear comes through nicely.  I don’t get much gingko flavor (which I’m not crazy about anyway, so that’s a good thing), but I also don’t get a lot of white tea flavor.  I can taste hints of both of these flavors, but nothing as strong or pervasive as the ginger.

It has a very zesty taste that leaves the mouth feeling clean and fresh.  It doesn’t taste sweet or like I’ve been eating candy, it just feels clean.  Exhilarating.  The freshness remains a while after the mint has dissolved.

As for the “Regroup” or focus aspect of the mint, it is hard to report on something like that … perhaps because I didn’t feel unfocused before I popped the mint into my mouth.  But, what I can say is that the flavor is zesty enough to really grab my attention.  So perhaps it is doing its job and I just didn’t notice because I was enjoying the flavor.

A tasty alternative to the typical breath mint.