Inconceivable! Vizzini’s Brew from Geeky Teas . . . . . . .

I love a tea with a good theme, so Vizzini’s Brew from Geeky Teas was a joy to drink and write about.  Vizzini refers to the character from the Princess Bride film, you know the one who was always shouting: inconceivable!  His brew was made with a black tea from the Fujian province of China.

When brewed, this blend was exceptionally smooth, both smelling and tasting reminiscent of creamy hot cocoa.  With a chocolate scent and silky mouthfeel, this brew was far sweeter and more comforting than the grating voice of its namesake.

Beneath the sweet buttery-vanilla cocoa flavors, there were hints of honey-roasted nuts, reminding me of honeybush teas.  The range and potency of these delicious flavors were impressive, knowing that this was an unflavored black tea.

I think the real cleverness in choosing this blend for Vizzini lies in its brewing notes.  Geeky Teas said that this type of tea can be brewed strong or light according to your preference, and it will maintain its tasty cocoa notes without getting bitter.  I couldn’t help but imagine brewing two mugs side-by-side with different brew times and tasting them to compare.

It made me think of Vizzini’s infamous “pick your poison” scene in the Princess Bride.  A clever man would brew a strong tea… Light or strong: which would you choose? Just remember: never go against a Sicilian when death– I mean.. a good cup of tea– is on the line!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Geeky Teas

Black tea from the Fuijian province of China. Can be brewed strong or weak. As you wish.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Tea on Screen

When I’m not brewing tea, I’m watching movies.  Usually, I’m doing both at the same time.  So when a cup of tea ends up on the screen, my interests come full circle.  Here are my top five favorite tea scenes in the movies.

#5 Dolores Umbridge’s Office- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Don’t let the pink sweater fool you, Professor Umbridge is one of the most insufferable and cruel villains in the Harry Potter series.  However, her office is stunning: talk about teaware-envy!  Her pink-painted tower room is lined with dozens of adorable plates and saucers, and the porcelain kittens that adorn each piece actually prance around and meow (this is the wizarding world after all).  All the cuteness belies her nasty nature.

If you feel inspired by Umbridge’s tea-style, try brewing up Chocolate Covered Strawberries blend from Shuswap Infusions: it’s pink, bold, decadent, and certainly won’t take no for an answer.


#4 Liver Disaster- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

“There’s more than one kind of tea?”  Scott Pilgrim might be in over his head when it comes to spending time with Ramona Flowers, a fact that is only emphasized when confronted with Ramona’s extensive tea collection.  She rattles off the flavors in her cabinet with cool confidence, and– as far as I can tell– only makes up one of the tea names.  While I haven’t tried her fabled “liver disaster” tea, I’d be happy to sit down for a cup of tea with Ramona anytime.

The characters in this scene opt to brew sleepytime tea.  I recommend a cup of my one of my favorite herbal blends, Unity from Tealuxe.

#3 The Plan- Shaun of the Dead

Shaun’s plan for surviving a zombie apocalypse ultimately ends with having a pint at the Winchester pub and waiting for it all to blow over.  But early drafts of the plan ended in having cup of tea at the apartment instead.  Take a page out of Shaun’s book: brew up a cuppa and wink your way through your worst days.

Maybe try a cup of Happy Zom ‘bie-tea’ from Design A Tea while you wait for it all to blow over.

#2 Meringue Mask- Mrs. Doubtfire

HEL-LOOO!  Caught in a pickle without his Mrs. Doubtfire mask on, Daniel Hillard hides his identity from a visiting social worker by covering his face in frosting and calling it a meringue mask.  The disguise slowly melts in his haste to brew two cups of tea, dollops of beauty-frosting falling into the mugs. I recommend brewing up a cup with plenty of milk and sugar, maybe even some vanilla frosting for good measure.

Give it a try with the classy, vanilla-based blend, Everest Earl Grey from Nepali Tea Traders.


#1 Mrs. Nesbitt- Toy Story

Buzz Lightyear has been through the wringer on this mission, and by the time Woody finds him, the spaceman is having an identity crisis.  Decked out in a floral hat and pink, ruffled apron, Buzz is deep in his cups, answering only to Mrs. Nesbitt.  “One minute you’re defending the whole galaxy, and, suddenly, you find yourself sucking down Darjeeling with Marie Antoinette and her little sister!”  Some days the world is so maddening you just need to put on a pretty hat and lose it for a while.

Or maybe you just need a strong enough tea to kick you into gear when you’re down-and-out.  I recommend Miss Figgy from Tea & Tins.  It’s no Mrs. Nesbitt, but it’ll do the trick.

Honorable Mention: I have to give an honorable mention to The Simpsons for this scene with Homer, his stolen sugar, and a mischievous Englishman.

Until next time, happy brewing and happy watching!

#FanaticFriday: Hufflepuff House Blend from The Forest Witch

I’m going to get all ‘Harry Potter on your arses” today and to do that I would like to introduce you to Hufflepuff House Blend from The Forest Witch.  It’s the tea I’m featuring during #FanaticFriday here at Sororitea Sisters!

In our home we currently have 4 furkids…3 dogs and a cat.  Hubby and I have jokingly said in the past that Paco our full Chihuahua would probably resided in Hufflepuff while Charlie our feral cat would set up shop in Slytherin.  Riley – our Corgi/Lab mix would most likely fit in with Griffindor.  Finally, Cricket, our Chihuahua/Toy Rat Terrier would side with those in Ravenclaw.  Yes…I’m really that nerdy, folks!  I’m glad I’m not the only one and I’m glad there are fan teas out there including Hufflepuff House Blend from The Forest Witch.

What I’m not completely clear on are the ingredients in this honeybush tea.  While I am to eat vegan I am sure there are things that slip through the cracks.  If I know something is not vegan I will not consume it.  I saw on the Etsy Shop that the ingredients of this offering were: Honeybush, Lemon and orange pieces, calendula petals, essences of cake and warm icing which I assume are flavorings because I didn’t see actual cake/bread/icing in the loose mix.  Fingers crossed and if it was my error I’m truly sorry!  What I can tell you is that Hufflepuff House Blend from The Forest Witch was pretty tasty and I think House Hufflepuff would be proud!  I could see myself sitting in the basement near the fire sipping on this for sure!

The flavors of orange, lemon, and honeybush are first and foremost in this flavor on the tongue.  There is a sweet yet smooth consistency to the sip.  I’m sipping on Hufflepuff House Blend from The Forest Witch hot but also letting it cool at room temperature as I sip and I can already tell that it would be outstanding as an iced tea, as well!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Honeybush
Where to Buy: The Forest Witch

A perfect, sunny tea to cheer you up! Enjoy by a warm fireplace in the Hufflepuff common room as birds flit by outside the windows and open door to the school grounds.

Three citrus fruits flavour delicious, spongy cake with a delectable, buttery icing.
Honeybush tea mixed with lemon and orange pieces, calendula petals for a pop of sunny colour. Essences of cake and warm icing swirl in this tasty cup to bring you a lovely cup of dessert.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!