Jin Xuan Oolong Tea in Goldfish Teabag From Charmvilla

 Our Sister’s Thoughts:

Not only am I reviewing a tea but a tea product and concept with this Jin Xuan Oolong Tea in Goldfish Teabag From Charmvilla .  First I will cover the actual tea INSIDE the bag.  The Jin Xuan Oolong Tea inside this cute Goldfish Teabag is a pretty straight forward Oolong.  It’s a no-muss, no-fuss type.  It infuses to a light golden yellow.  The aroma is a weaker milky type smelling oolong.  The taste is a little creamy, a bit green, and a tad roasted.  It’s a fair tasting oolong.


Personally I think the draw of this product is all presentation!  I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’m constantly looking for something different when it comes to ANYTHING Tea.  That is what I found with this product.  This isn’t a product that the average person would buy in bulk.  Each bag goes for about $20.  It would certainly be reserved for the most special of occasions.  I could definitely see these at wedding receptions.  I read somewhere that a lady bought one of these for her elderly great grandmother as a gift, too, and I could see where that would be something to treasure and talk about.

After I learned that each bag goes thru a 16-step process I could see why the cost was higher.  It was more justifiable to me in my head.  This is a gem of a NovelTEA product that is for sure.  Jin Xuan Oolong Tea in Goldfish Teabag From Charmvilla  is something to be treasured and talked about and not simply thrown away once finished with a simple cuppa.  The way it plumps up in the bag and seems to naturally swim around in your cup is totally a sight to see!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong Tea

Where to Buy: Charmvilla


The concept of Charmvilla is to add elements of charm and passion to products. Goldfish Tea Bags are made via a 16-step process. Nine of these steps require exquisite handcrafted skills by Taiwanese artists in order to display the ultimate craftsmanship of the Goldfish Tea Bag. The complex process is to highlights the majestic artistry of the Goldfish Tea Bag.

When the tea bag is brewed in hot water and begins to swell, the shape of a goldfish begins to form. The mouth of the tea bag is designed with a special cotton thread, Pulling the thread enables the tea bag to move in water. Creating a natural rhythm of moment from the fluctuations of the water. A life-like goldfish appears to be swimming in your tea cup. The concept of the Goldfish Tea Bag echoes its manufacturer’s cultural appeal – Creating charming products, enjoying a charm filled life. When the beauty of tea culture is delivered through the elegant shape of a goldfish, Tea drinkers can not only enjoy the taste, but also enjoy the fun and beauty of brewing tea with this highly loved, award-winning tea bag.

Jin Xuan Oolong: Jin Xuan translates to “Golden Daylily” and is also referred to as “Milk Oolong” (Nai Xiang) due to its buttery smoothness. This high-mountain grown tea produces a unique soft, creamy, rich, subtly sweet flavor once it is lightly roasted and rolled into semi-balls. Absolutely no milk is involved in the production of real Taiwan ‘milk’ tea. It resembles milk, but doesn’t taste exactly like milk. Once brewed, the tea produces a dark yellow, goldfish color (the color of Golden Daylily) and yields a fresh aroma, fresh flavor, and a smooth aftertaste with sweet undertones.

Learn more about this tea here.

Earl Grey Black Tea from Zest Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black TeaEarl_Grey_800_x_650_grande

Where to Buy: Zest Tea

Tea Description:

Earl grey has been a popular blend since it was introduced to the British Earl, Charles “Chaz” Grey, in the 1830’s. Most Earl Greys are made with low-quality base teas, but not ours. Zest’s Earl is made with premium Nilgiri Indian black tea blended with a delicious bergamot essential oil. Don’t thank us. Thank Chaz.

Tea Base: Flower Orange Pekoe

Base Region: South India

Ingredients: South Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Bergamot Flavor, Natural Caffeine

20 pyramid bags per tin!

Caffeine: Approximately 150 mg/ cup – About the same as a cup of coffee!


Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This Earl Grey Black Tea from Zest Tea is more than just a black tea.  It’s more than your average Earl Grey tea.  What makes this different from others is the caffeine content.  Zest Tea prides themselves on being the most caffeinated tea on the market.  They have 3 times the caffeine than other standard black teas.  This fills a nice niche for those who like tea but also need that caffeine buzz early in the morning (or any time of day, really.)

With this specific tea – being as highly caffeinated as it is – you may be surprised that there is little to no jitters or crash like with other caffeine crazed beverages.  Zest Tea is packed with amino acids, including L-Theanine, which has a synergistic relationship with caffeine and helps to moderate caffeine’s effects according to their website.

I have to say the first time I tasted this tea I wasn’t sure my opinions at first but long term results shows I ended up enjoying the tea because my tin is near empty.  I’m actually holding on to the last bag for a day when I REALLY need it!

The taste was a bit hardcore at first.  It kind of reminded me of those chocolate covered caffeine balls I had years ago and/or chocolate covered coffee beans.  I’m not saying they actually TASTED like coffee but the taste of pure caffeine, I guess.  Anyhow…After I got past that initial shock of flavor I noticed the strong black tea base which was pretty good.  There was the Earl Grey flavor, yes, but it wasn’t your standard Earl Grey that you have come to know and love.  I would say 60/40 caffeine to Earl Grey flavor ratio.

The draw to this tea is that it DOES provide you with that pick-me-up and that is EXACTLY what I used it for an kept it on hand for.  Overall I appreciate this tea as a NovelTEA and ended up really liking it on those hard-to-get-into-mornings!