Green Tea Royal from Drink T

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy:
Drink T

Product Description:

This refreshing concoction is a blend of venerable Chinese Sencha green tea with tropical papaya fruit, rose and peony petals.

Our Green Tea Royal brews up a taste sensation of regal proportions. Enjoy it in your own palace.

Bring water to point of steam (170-180)
Steep Time: 2 – 3 Minutes
Number of Infusions: 1
Sweetener: Optional
Cream: No
Caffeine: Moderate

Tasters Review:

Before looking at the product description I assumed this was just a high quality unflavored green tea – but I was wrong!  This is a gem!  And so much more than ‘run-of-the-mill’…

This has a wonderful aroma – mostly of Juicy Papaya but also floral and green tea! This infuses to a light color as it shows in the photo…mine was a tad darker.  The taste is a lovely, juicy sweeter-green tea taste with BIG Papaya and Floral flavors!

My first attempt with this tea I had a large chunk of rose petal in it.  I could taste both types for flowers – rose AND poesy – and they perfectly assist the Papaya!

This is a lovely little number with BIG Taste!

Chilli Rooibos from Eteaket

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: eTeaket

Product Description:

Chilli Tea
Chilli Rooibos Tea
Handle our Chilli Rooibos with care! The chilli highlights are built on a base of classic Rooibos tea and vivid wild cherries, rosebuds, safflower petals, peony petals and carrot flakes. This tea has serious attitude.

To Enjoy: Use 1 tsp per cup, add freshly boiled water and brew for 3-4 mins. We recommend holding off on the milk, but whatever floats your boat.

Tasters Review:

I tried this one mostly for the uniqueness of it.  I guess it intrigued me.

This smells like cherries and chilli!  And orange-ish brown color is pretty neat, indeed!  I under infused…on purpose because I was a little worried about the Chili.  I have had Chili Teas before BUT haven’t had the best luck with them.  This one surprised me!

My first impression was that I could taste carrots first with a little bit of chili followed by a lingering cherry. WOW…this one is VERY unusual but oddly pleasant. As it cools I could taste more floral notes at the beginning of the sip and then it morphs into a carrot and cherry combo – not so much chili – but like I said I under infused. I am thinking the chili will get stronger as you infuse but I kind of like it under infused.