Sencha Tea Chashi-Meijin Imperial Gold from Chado Tea House


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Chado Tea House

Tea Description:

Gold prize awarded three consecutive years by prestigious Monde Selection of Brussels, Belgium. Japanese Sencha at its finest. Uses only those tea leaves produced by master tea makers. The highly skilled artisans steamed the leaves with exceptional care and then roll them to perfection. This deeply steamed Fukamushi Sencha tea has delightful Shincha like tastes and fragrant aromas that make them highly sought after by tea connoisseurs. Rich full bodied tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:


This Chasi-Meijin Imperial Gold from Chado Tea House is unlike any other Sencha Tea that I’ve tried … no wonder it has been awarded the Grand Gold Prize.  I agree with the description, this tastes a bit more like a Shin-cha … like maybe somewhere between a fresh Shin-cha and a Gyokuro.

Oh, sure, it has some of the characteristics you’d expect from a Sencha, including a sweet, vegetative taste with a hint of bitterness.  But this is so much smoother than other Japanese Sencha teas that I’ve tried.  And sweeter too.  Less of a bitter note.  The vegetative note is a cross between kelp, sweet grass, and mild, lightly steamed spinach.  There is a buttery note to this, but it isn’t really a creamy buttery texture so much as it is just a hint of the sweet, creamy note that butter would impart if it were melted over a serving of the aforementioned steamed spinach.

The body is very smooth and lush, not so much a creamy body, and it isn’t heavy like that … I am finding this to be a little lighter than a “full-bodied” tea as described above, but then again, I steeped this tea for just 1.5 minutes in 170°F water, and the infusion was so pale that it almost looked like water that had just been barely tinged with a hint of chartreuse.  But that was all that was required to create a very delicious cup of tea.  It is a pleasantly smooth, easy to drink tea.

Chado Tea House is a company I’d highly recommend for the very best teas that Japan has to offer.  The quality of teas offered by Chado is outstanding, and this Award-Winning Sencha is just another example of what I’m talking about!

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So far, we’ve had a phenomenal response to our Season of Giveaways!  It looks like this season will extend well in to February … so there are going to be LOTS of chances to win!

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Verdant Tea is easily one of my favorite tea companies because – quite simply – they offer some really amazing, high-quality teas that are hard to find … some teas that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else!   Their Laoshan Black tea is amazing, they offer some incredible Apothecary blends like their Xingyang Silk Road Spice, and of course some amazing Pu-Erh (when it comes to Pu-erh teas, I think that Verdant Tea is my #1 choice) like their Yanxin’s Reserve ’04 Shu Nuggets.

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You can enter until December 7.  A winner will be picked via on December 8, and after the winner has been contacted and verified, we will announce the winner and send the information to Verdant Tea so that the winner can claim the prize.

Best of luck to all entrants!

Congratulations to Raven for winning this giveaway during our Season of Giveaways!  We will have another giveaway soon … keep your eyes peeled!