English Olive Leaf Tea from Rare Tea Co.

oliveTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Rare Tea Co.

Tea Description:

Olives have been cultivated around the world for 5,000 years, but never commercially in the UK until now. The olive grove at Southdown Trees in Sussex is the first and only of its type in the UK.

The leaves are handpicked from the tree, carefully washed, quickly air-dried, then left to cure with the absence of sunlight.

Reaserch suggests that drinking Olive Leaf Tea can help to lower both colesterol and blood pressure and maintain a healthy immune system.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I haven’t consumed a lot of olive leaf tea.  But the few that I’ve had, I’ve enjoyed, and I’m really liking this English Olive Leaf Tea from Rare Tea Co.

And this is different from other olive leaf teas that I’ve had.  The first noticeable difference:  this is whole leaf.  It isn’t a bagged tea.  It doesn’t come in a sachet.  It’s whole leaf, and the leaves look … well, they look like the photo above.  Whole and large like that.  Not crumbled or broken or chopped.

The flavor is sweet and very similar to the taste of a light green tea.  It tastes a little lighter and a little sweeter than most green teas.  There is even a slight buttery taste and texture that is similar to what you might experience with, say, a Chinese Sencha.  It’s a little lighter than that in both flavor and texture, so it’s more like a light Chinese Sencha.

There is also a pleasing savory tone to this.  On the Rare Tea Co. website, it is stated that this is enjoyed with “Pan con Tomate” which is fresh tomatoes with oil and garlic on toast.  I can see how this tisane would make a delightful complement to this dish, and it has me wondering what type of flavors the tomatoes and garlic bring out in this beverage.  I may have to try it myself!

Since this is so similar in taste to a green tea, I think that this would make a really nice substitute for those who must limit their caffeine intake but miss their green tea.  It would also be a nice drink for later in the evening when you want the flavor of green tea but not the stimulation of the caffeine.

Oolong Tea from Rare Tea Co.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Rare Tea Co.

Company Description:

Winner of a gold star in the 2008 Great Taste Awards.

Rare Tea Oolong is known as the Goddess of Mercy or Tie Guan Yin. It is a lightly oxidised yellow gold.

We have specially selected this oolong for its truly extraordinary flavour. Crafted to an exact point at which the leaves reveal their hidden subtleties it has rich floral aromas leading to a perfectly balanced mineral finish. The second infusion is richer and even more complex than the first. The tea can be infused several times to reveal incredible subtleties of flavour.

Note:  Read more about this Oolong here.

Taster’s Review:

Oolong tea has been a long-time favorite of mine.  My affection for Oolong began with a delightful Fancy Formosa Oolong, and has since grown as I experienced the different varieties of Oolong.

This is one of the very BEST Oolong teas I’ve ever tasted.  The flavor is simply magnificent.  The beautiful golden liquor is rich tasting, with notes of fruit and flower.  It has a creamy buttery essence is so deliciously decadent.  A smooth, silky sensation glides over the palate.  It’s absolutely devine!

It is also an extraordinary value (as are many high quality Oolongs such as this one) because one measurement of leaves can be infused multiple times – for many cups of enjoyment.  In fact, it would seem almost criminal to NOT steep these leaves at least three or four times, as the subsequent infusions produce a tea that is even more flavorful than the first!

This lovely tea is self-drinking – that is to say that it needs no additions to enjoy it.  No milk or sweetener – these might just ruin an otherwise perfect cup of tea!  And while it would be quite delicious served iced, to get the most flavor from it, it really should be enjoyed hot.

This tea is truly delightful – a definite MUST TRY!

Winey Keemun English Breakfast from Grace Rare Teas

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Grace Rare Teas

Product Description:

This extra slow-fired tea is of a rare and extraordinary quality. Our most well known and famous blend has an unusual depth, body and color that can be likened in description to a fine wine. A uniquely crafted tea blended with varying China, Formosan and Indian teas, Winey Keemun follows the traditional formulation of an English Breakfast blend. It’s one of our personal favorites.

Tasters Review:

The first thing that came to mind while drinking this tea was…

…when you really want to meet someone because you HEARD they were nice and interesting and when you actually meet them they are everything you HEARD they would be but at the same time they aren’t over-the-top eccentric but they were very far from being boring.

I know that may be a stretch but that is how I feel about this tea – and TRUST ME – that is a good thing!

Winey Keemun from Grace Tea Company is complex but not too much so that the average tea drinker wouldn’t be able to enjoy it and it’s not just average that the rabid tea drinker wouldn’t appreciate the uniqueness.

I agree with other reviewers that this is one of those teas that would ‘go’ with anything…whether it be any kind of meal – any time of day – or if just with conversation or with a good selection of poems while enjoying some quiet or alone time.

This is a great tea!