Golden Osmanthus from Perkse Coffee & Tea. . . .

This tea packs a wallop. Despite being a honey-and-flower blend, it has a sturdy, spunky edge. Its sweetness is balanced with just enough deep vegetal counterpoint to make you think “hey, this is a treat, and it might ALSO be good for me.”

IS it good for you? I googled it, and I found out that oolong tea benefits “are doubled because of the combined qualities of black tea and green tea.” Which is great, because oolong is my legit all-time favorite. Sometimes it tastes green. Sometimes it tastes black. It’s a whimsical, shape-shifting Loki of a tea.

This one in particular is more green in texture, flavor, and vibe, but that sturdy base is reminiscent of a black. Green ones are sometimes wispy. This one doesn’t fall into that trap.

If you’re a person that enjoys blends, I think this would be a great oolong intro. It has that much flavor.

I shall take this tea’s optimistic vibe with me on my trip today — I’m going to Disney World! DRIVING THERE. It’s sixteen hours. Oh MANNNNN. TEA GIVE ME STRENGTH.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Oolong
Where to Buy:  Perkse Coffee & Tea

Golden Osmanthus (also known as Huang Jin Gui) is an Anxi oolong whose name means “Golden Flower.” A lightly roasted oolong our “Bolero” reveals an intensity with hints of honey and flowers you will find enticing and seductive.


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Wen Shan Baozhong Oolong from Tribute Teas/ChaHoney

WenMountainBaoZhongTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy: Tribute Teas & ChaHoney

Tea Description:

Baozhong oolong originated from Anxi in Fujian, China.  A history of production reaching back nearly 150 years, it is the most famous tea of northern Taiwan.  The name ‘Baozhong’ refers to its traditional packaging in a bamboo wrapping.  A uniquely light oxidation and minimal roasting reveal a elegant, smooth, and notably fresh flavor.  Its aroma is floral and sweet, with notes of apricots. . .

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Taster’s Review:

Subscription boxes are the thing these days.  I myself subscribe to a few.  The one that intrigues me the most is ChaHoney, a monthly subscription plan that basically does your tea shopping for you.  ChaHoney doesn’t blend their own tea yet instead looks for those amazing teas that you might have overlooked here or there.  Each month features a different company.  I just love this idea and hope to become a member soon.  But first I need to sipdown some teas (this will be #33!!).

I’m almost finished with this first box from ChaHoney that I received.  I’m quite impressed with the teas I’ve had so far.  The company that was featured was Tribute Teas.  You’d think I would have tried them by now since they are in my home state but alas no.  Shame on me.

This oolong right out of the gate smelled decadent and romantic.  I can absolutely pick up notes of lilacs.  I love lilacs and am happy just to sit around enjoy the aroma from this tea. So beautiful.

I let this tea sit for just a moment and then took my first sip. Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous, romantic and exactly what I needed today.  This tea is everything you could ask for and more.  Irresistible floral notes paired with hints of a sweetness that I would compare to an apricot.  The description is spot on.  I am incredibly impressed and next payday, this one will need to be re-ordered.

I am simply in love with this floral roasted sweet apricot loving oolong!  I can absolutely see this tea being one that you drink while you get lost in a good book. This is my favorite Tribute Tea to date!