The Holiday Season Approaches!


ChristmasLogo1This isn’t a review but an advertisement (sorry guys!)  No, we don’t usually advertise here on this site – this is an anomaly – but because one of the founding SororiTea Sisters is now the Mad Tea Artist behind 52Teas, she gets the privilege of deviating from the norm.

And 52Teas has a Holiday Pre-Sale going on right now on Kickstarter!  This isn’t a typical “fundraising” Kickstarter campaign, instead, this is a chance for you to get some Christmas shopping done early while it helps us keep things just a little more organized by keeping our pre-sales separate from our day-to-day sales activity.

52Teas is offering 5 unique, limited edition teas for this promotion – these teas will be available only during the season and once they’re sold out, they won’t be reblended until next Christmas!

Here’s the specs on those five VITs (Very Important Teas):

  • Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire – This is a special blend of black teas with a hint of Lapsang Souchong to give it that smoky touch that you’d experience from an open fire.  Flavored with chestnut and caramel and just a hint of spice to give it that winter-y kind of appeal.
  • Gingerbread Houjicha – I love the flavor of gingerbread and I think that the roasty-toasty, nutty flavor of houjicha would offer a delightful base to these flavors.
  • Eggnog Chai – A Chai blend (black tea with a touch of honeybush) flavored with notes of custard-y eggnog with an extra dash of nutmeg to enliven the cup.  This would make a great latte to serve Santa on Christmas Eve!
  • Cranberry Orange Cider – A blend of red and green rooibos that’s been flavored with cranberry, orange and apple with a medley of holiday spices.
  • Peppermint Marshmallow Melting in Hot Chocolate – For this blend, I chose a special black tea blend (crafted with teas from our friends at Verdant Tea) for the base that has a rich, natural cacao flavor with hints of malt.  Peppermint, marshmallow and even more chocolate-y flavor to create a deliciously delightful cuppa.

YUM!  So please take a moment to visit the 52Teas Kickstarter Holiday Pre-Sale and get some of that early Christmas shopping done early!  The campaign closes on October 27th so your card won’t be charged until that date, and the teas will be shipped in plenty of time for gift giving!

Thanks for taking a moment to read this . . . now let’s get back to the reviews!

Happy Thanksgiving … and Don’t Forget Tea on Black Friday!

“Home To Thanksgiving” from Currier & Ives.
Photo from Wikipedia, click on the pic to go there.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers in the United States, and to those outside of the US, I wish you a happy, warm and healthy day!

Tomorrow is the biggest shopping day of the year here in the United States … it’s also known as Black Friday!  And while many will be rushing out to their favorite department stores and electronics stores to get the some of the best bargains of the year … I want to remind you that there is also some really amazing deals on TEA available online on Black Friday!

Here are just a few … please keep in mind that this list is in no way complete, and is compiled based on the information that companies have sent me.  If you are a tea company offering a Black Friday deal, please feel free to comment below and tell us about your deal!  Tea shoppers want to know!!!


  • A tea company that is new to us here on SororiTea Sisters but did give us the opportunity to try out their amazing new system where we can design and create blends ourselves is Uniq Teas!  It is so easy and FUN to design your own blend!  There are many different flavors of teas to choose from, and you can choose the percent of which flavor goes in to the tea.  I had a blast creating my blend – Click here to see my blend.  You can also click here to see TeaEqualsBliss’ Blend, and click here to see Azzrian’s BlendUniq Teas will be having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale:  50% off PLUS get a free tea ball infuser with your first order.
  • One of my favorite tea companies, Kally Tea is also having a special Black Friday sale – one day only!  All tea orders placed on Friday will be automatically DOUBLED!  That means if you order 2 ounces of Tangerine Spice, you’ll get another 2 ounces of Tangerine Spice FREE!  Order 4 ounces of Almond Fondant, get another 4 ounces of Almond Fondant FREE!  This is a great sale to stock up your tea cupboard … and also a chance to share some of your favorites from Kally Tea with friends!
  • Another favorite company:  Della Terra Teas has a super special Black Friday sale going on.  40% off all teas from midnight until 10 pm on Black Friday, with a special Door Buster sale where select teas will be 60% off from 6-8 am, then again 3-4 pm, and finally from 9-10 pm (all times are EST), and other deals will be going on all weekend long, through Cyber Monday … be sure to check their website for more!
  • Mighty Leaf is having a 30% off sale for Black Friday that has been going on all week!  And don’t forget that you get FREE SHIPPING with all orders that are $50. or more!
  • Another SororiTea Sisters favorite – Verdant Tea – is planning a very special Black Friday!  On Black Friday, they will be unveiling “two new kinds of tea never before tasted in China or the West.”  Wowza!  I can’t wait to find out what these teas will be!  They also state that they will be offering some special deals on Black Friday too … you definitely need to check them out!
  • Tea Licious is also having a Black Friday special that begins tomorrow, November 23 and continues through November 30:  Save 30% on all Black Teas … and save an additional 5% on Friday and Saturday (November 23 & 24) by entering the code BF2012 in the coupon field at final checkout!  In addition, you will receive FREE samples of their three newest teas with EVERY order!
  • Lots of SororiTea Sister favorites offering deals this Black Friday!  Here’s another:  Persimmon Tree Tea is offering 20% off on all their teas all weekend long, starting today and ending November 25th.
  • The Tea Merchant is offering a Happy Saturday (instead of a Black Friday) sale, Save 25% off all tea and tea ware this Saturday only, just use the code 25Special in the coupon field at final checkout to enjoy your savings!
  • Peony Tea S. is offering 30% off on all teas and 20% off on all tea ware!   This sale will be going on through Sunday, November 25th.
  • Harney & Sons is offering Free Ground Shipping on all US orders now through November 26 (Cyber Monday!)  But savings with Harney is not available ONLY to US customers… International customers can receive a $5.50 credit toward their shipping charges by using the code:  Black12.
  • Teajo has a great bunch of offers for Black Friday through Cyber Monday:  FREE shipping on all orders over $25, 30-45% off their entire selection of teas and tea makers, a NEW 12 Tea Sampler for just $25, plus Double Rewards for Members!
  • Samovar is also having a Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  Save up to 50% on select teas and tea ware through November 26.
  • Den’s Tea is having a special Thanksgiving sale that will extend through noon on Black Friday.  Save up to 30% on selected tea, tea gifts, tea ware, tea accessories and books!
  • Adagio Teas is offering Free Shipping on all orders through November 26.
  • Maeda-en has a special holiday sale going on now through 12/16, Save 20% on selected teas.

Also of interest (I hope) is this:  SororiTea Sisters will be hosting another giveaway that will start tomorrow at 6 am EST.  Just visit the blog, and read the announcement to win something very exciting.  This is the Season of Giveaways here on SororiTea Sisters!!!


I am sure that many other tea companies out there are offering specials on Black Friday … so if you know of any, please feel free to add them in the comments, or as I said above, if you’re a tea company and want your information included here, add a comment with a link!

So, after you’ve had time with the family and enjoyed the fantastic feast, be sure to get some tea shopping done!  Happy Holidays, everyone!

Glenburn Second Flush Darjeeling Summer Leaf Tea FTGFOP1 from KTeas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  KTeas

Product Description:

 picked 30 May 2011

Direct from the Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India!

This second flush Darjeeling is plucked during the early summer months of May and June. Shoots of the bush which draw their succulence from the late spring rain showers are selected to make the stylishrolled leaf. The cup is clear amber to the eye, nonetheless full-bodied with a mature flavor compared to the First Flush that preceded it. Glenburn’s unique growing conditions imbue the very select clonal plants with a special character in their liquor all its own, yielding a complex layer of maltiness with musk and nutty undertones.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve hung on to this sample for a while, waiting for that moment when I really wanted a Darjeeling … and I didn’t bother to really read the label.  This tea was picked on my birthday!

Anyway… today seems like a good Darjeeling day.  I’m not in a particular rush to get anything done (at least not for the next hour or so), and so I’d like to just sort of slowly ease into the swing of things.  Darjeeling does that for me with it’s crisp, light nature.  Or so I thought!

These Darjeeling teas from Glenburn Estates are so unique – quite unlike any other Darjeeling teas I’ve encountered.  It is as though these Darjeelings want to be an Assam, but couldn’t quite get there.  They are a bit lighter, of course, than a typical Assam, but, they are a bit heavier than a typical Darjeeling.  Where Darjeeling tea tends to be quite crisp and light (somewhat reminiscent of a white wine), this Darjeeling has some body to it, with a thicker, smoother texture, and even a hint of malt in the background.  It also has a toasty flavor in the background, providing a slightly nutty taste.  Nice!  Different, but nice!

But that is not to say that this Glenburn Second Flush Darjeeling is not at all like a Darjeeling because it does possess many of the characteristics that you’d expect from a Darjeeling as well.  A fruity overtone – muscatel grapes! – providing a nice sweetness to the overall cup.  Pleasantly sweet and delicious.

The astringency here is quite unusual as well.  Astringency is that sensation that either leaves your palate feeling clean, or sometimes sort of dry, and still other times it imparts a slightly tangy sensation.  But this astringency isn’t quite like any of those … instead, it is more like a tingly, almost prickly kind of effect on the tongue.  Interesting.

I am so very pleased to have had the opportunity to try this Darjeeling.  It is one of the best that I’ve tried yet.  If you’re a fan of Darjeeling teas, you should definitely try this one… it will surprise you!  It would also be a great Darjeeling for those who are new to them … although, be warned, after you try this one, other Darjeeling teas just may not satisfy.  This one is a keeper!


Right now, through December 11, KTeas is having a BIRTHDAY SALE!  Be sure to check out their homepage for details on how you can save 20% off the subtotal of your order!  The only thing better than ordering tea is being able to save money when you’re doing it! 


A Special Offer


This is a special offer from Daily Gourmet, Naivetea and The SororiTea Sisters!

We have TEN promotional codes (aka coupons!) for $5.00 off of this fantastic deal from Daily Gourmet.

This offer includes two tins of Naivetea’s Taiwanese Oolong teas – Wen Shan Bao Oolong and Lychee Oolong – for just $23.00 (including shipping!)  This is a $35.00 value, for just $23.00.

BUT… if you are one of the first ten people to comment to this post with your email address, we will send you a special promo code via email for an additional $5.00 off – making your total just $18.00!!!

That’s $28.00 worth of tea plus $7.00 shipping charges – for JUST $18.00!


I have tried several of Naivetea’s Oolongs in the past and I can tell you that they are of outstanding quality and flavor.  If you love Oolong – they offer some of the best Oolong teas available anywhere!

But you should HURRY because this offer is only good through Saturday (April 9th) night.  After that, the carriage turns back into a pumpkin and this amazing deal is GONE!