Sassyfras Strawberry from Piper & Leaf

sassyfrasTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Piper & Leaf

Tea Description:

A Delicious Burst of Strawberries, Sencha Green Tea, Sassafras Roots, Red Beets, and a Subtle Herbal Blend.

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Taster’s Review:

Another sample from Piper & Leaf. Another tea I shared with my dad over the Mother’s Day festivities.  Another tea I so wanted to fall in love with, but alas. . not so much.

I brewed this one up per the instructions on the sample.

This tea smells delicious.  As with the other Piper & Leaf samples I have had, the teas smell fresh.  Crisp.  Beautiful to look at and brews up smelling amazing.  But first sip was met with a twinge of disappointment.

The tea had a strong strawberry flavor but had this weird taste that I couldn’t wrap my head around.  It was like the two flavors were competing against each other instead of mingling together.  My dad said the same thing.  He said it wasn’t something he would need to have again but that it was a unique tasting tea.  I’m not sure if the unique odd flavor I was picking up was the sassafras root or the red beets.

I would love to hear somebody else’s thoughts on this tea.  I can’t say that I’ve had sassafras a whole lot or even beets for that matter.  I’m wondering if it was just user error or if it was just the uniqueness of the different ingredients.  I am hoping to place another order with Piper & Leaf to try the rest of their offerings and I will more than likely give this one another shot.  It just sounds so very interesting!  I feel like I need to give this one another shot.