Mary chats about Francesca from Sicilian Tea Company. . . .

I’ve been hit by the mini-plague that’s been circling my world for a few weeks, you guys. I say mini-plague because truly– it’s not all that bad compared to the stomach virus/insane flu that many close to me have had lately, but still– this cold I’m rocking? I’m not a fan of it.

And to manage it as best I can, I’ve been hopped up on vitamin C, broth-y soups, and triple the amount of tea I’m usually sipping (which is… a lot). I felt it first coming on at work the other day, so I immediately dug deep into my desk tea drawer and procured this beaut. Chamomile, cinnamon, licorice? GIMME.

This isn’t my first sip from Sicilian Tea Co., and I have to say, I can definitely see a delicious thread woven between all the blends that I’ve tried. Strong herbal presence with hearty flavors and sweet lingering licorice at the end of the sip describes well all the blends I’ve tried this far, and this one is no different.

Even with the abundant chamomile in the dry leaf, I’m getting mostly licorice with a hint of cinnamon. Which isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong! I loved the naturally-sweet-hint-of-spice flavors that came through, the perfect remedy for my sniffles and sore throat. I wish I would’ve been able to detect just a touch more of the lavender and chamomile, but even then, this is definitely a blend I’ll be picking up again.

Especially if this plague sticks around any longer. Drowning sniffles in endless cups of tea is a tried-and-true home remedy, right?

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy:  Sicilian Tea Company

Don’t go to bed alone. Take this cup of chamomile with you.

Naturally caffeine free, this chamomile blend won’t keep you up all night like some other sleepy time treats.

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