Coconut Peach Turmeric from Spice and Tea Exchange. . . .

Count me in with the legions of humans who have been recently flocking to turmeric in everything, friends– I love its slightly bitter spiciness, I love how well it translates in everything from sweet to savory, I love its inherent anti-inflammatory goodness… I love it all. I recently participated in a tea swap with a fellow Sororitea Sister, and when she asked what kinds of teas I’d like to try, I requested anything that would be tasty iced. (that IS my summer tea drinking M.O., clearly.) While I usually reach for a very specific few kinds of teas to ice (greens, fruity herbals, fruity blacks, nothing nutty/savory/decadent), it was fun to see someone else’s choices of ice-able teas and push myself outside of my comfort zone!

Now, while this tea TOTALLY fits within those guidelines, I think the ‘turmeric’ in there would have typically swayed me away from trying this one iced, and that would have been a shame. Hot, this tea is tasty– but iced is totally where it shines. The bitterness of the turmeric is perfectly offset by the sweet peach and creamy coconut, and where these flavors could potentially veer into saccharine or dull territory, they’re perfectly accented by the spice of the turmeric. I’m so glad I gave this one a try, and I’m now totally motivated to expand my ice-able comfort zone to teas I normally wouldn’t try. Thanks, fellow sister!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal
Where to Buy:  Spice and Tea Exchange

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Mango Green Tea (Decaffeinated) from Spice & Tea Exchange

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Decaffeinated)

Where to Buy:  Spice & Tea Exchange

Tea Description:

Chinese green tea leaves are combined with flowers & natural mango for a nice fruity flavor. This is a naturally decaffeinated green tea that is great hot or iced. Contains: organic green tea, safflower & marigold petals, natural mango and citrus pieces & flavoring.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

From the moment that I took a sip, there was something a little different about this.  I could tell it was decaffeinated, although I did not put my finger on that right away.  It wasn’t until I read the above description that I said “ah… that’s it, it’s decaffeinated.”

That’s not to say that it tastes bad.  It doesn’t even have the chemical-y taste that some decaffeinated teas have, nor is it terribly thin the way some decaffeinated teas can be.  It is slightly thinner than a typical Chinese green, but, it is not an obvious thinness.

But I do notice a slight metallic twinge toward the end of the sip, a twinge that lingers into the aftertaste.  It isn’t a disturbing twinge, but it’s there, and it tells me that this is, indeed, a decaffeinated green.

It is still a tasty tea, though.  The green tea is sweet and vegetative, and the mango has a sweet, tropical flavor that evokes thoughts of warm summer breezes which is kind of a nice thought as it is very cold outside!  I like the level of flavor here, it isn’t strong or artificial tasting, it tastes like real mango.  I can also taste a very subtle note of citrus, which brightens the cup, but I think it also accentuates the metallic tone.

A tasty decaffeinated tea, nice for when you’ve had more than enough caffeine for one day but you’re not ready to switch to a caffeine free tisane, a decaffeinated tea like this one makes a nice alternative.