Wu Ling Tea from Tea from Taiwan

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Oolong

Where to Buy:  Tea from Taiwan

Tea Description:

Wu Ling oolong tea (wu-long tea) is our best tea in our regular collection. Wu Ling is a mountain area in Taichung county and its high altitude (more than 2000 meters) contributes to the ideal growing conditions for wu long tea.

Another reason why Wu Ling wu long tea is of such fine quality is the soil of the Wu Ling area. Wu Ling was a fruit producing region for many years until economic conditions favored imported fruit over home-grown apples and pears. Former orchards in the Wu Ling area were converted into oolong tea plantations, and Wu Ling wu long tea is renowned for its fruity quality.

Wu Ling is located on Mount Li (Li Shan or Pear Mountain) and wu long tea from Mount Li is the most prized wu long tea in Taiwan. It is ideally suited for gong fu style brewing and can be re-brewed up to eight times while still retaining plenty of flavor.

More information about the Li Shan area of Taiwan (including a section on Wu Ling wu long tea) can be found on this website about Wu Ling farm.

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Taster’s Review:

Wu Ling Oolong is a very subtle tea with sweet notes of vanilla, cane sugar, and pear. Now as good as that sounds, don’t think that these notes are going to jump up and do a jig on your taste buds. This tea has a polite mannerism that evolves through multiple steeps and must be sipped slowly and savored for each succulent note.

Of course this tea is best brewed gong fu style and through the multiple steeps produces more notes to enjoy.

As you enjoy infusions you will find notes that range from sweet, as I mentioned above, to spicy, nutty, toasty, bake-y,  floral, buttery, and fruity.

This green oolong still has a nice roast-y flavor, but unlike it’s darker counterparts is much more delicate and more vegetal in flavor.

This tea is quite complex and layered, some have said it is a bit too confusing for them while others absolutely adore it. Personally, I find it quite enjoyable but more so when I really have time to relax, such as while reading, or enjoying the outdoors. It allows me time to really savor each note as it comes forward.

I especially love this tea because I have an intense sweet tooth and butterscotch candies are one of my favorite candies. Between the cane sugar note, and the butter note, I do taste butterscotch candy in this tea every so often.

In dry form the tea has a wonderful aroma, steeped the color of the tea is a very light yellow, leaning toward a deeper golden yellow in forward steeps. Interesting how the tea becomes darker not lighter in progressive steeps. It only goes to show what a good tea this is since it has such staying power and continues to give off its bounty of notes. The leaf once steeped really expands allowing you to see how each leaf had been carefully rolled into the tiny nuggets. The aroma of the steeped leaf is my favorite of the two aromas between dry and steeped as it gives off a deeper darker note of extra crispy toast. It is no surprise that I prefer this over the pre-steeped state as I do normally prefer darker oolong.

For a green oolong however, this tea is top notch and I will throughly enjoy the rest of my many steeps to come.

Taiwan Wenshan Pouchong from Nuvola Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pouchong, Oolong

Where to Buy:  Nuvola Tea

Tea Description:

Wenshan Pouchong Tea has a radiant golden yellow colour and the pleasing fragrance of orchid. Its velvety body creates an exquisitely mellow mouth-feel and a sweet aftertaste which pampers the palate. This lingering flavour coupled with the subtle floral note ensures you an absolutely satisfying and delectable cup of tea.

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Taster’s Review:


Nuvola Tea brings us a very light delicate golden hued pouchong from Taiwan. The broth of this tea is thick and when I pull my steeping basket from my cup it looks like a thin light honey dripping elegantly downward back into my cup. It is quite pretty.

The aroma of the tea is beautifully floral mixed with the aroma of sugar cane.

My first steep was quite light, and I could detect the delicate floral notes, sugar notes, and the pouchong leaf itself which is delicious! However, the first steep is in fact quite light in color and taste. I could have poured this steep and considered it a rinse but it was too good to pour even though I prefer a heavier flavor in my tea. I continued to enjoy it appreciating the tea for its subtle but sweet nuances.

My second steep was more to my liking and more “robust” although this is far from a robust tea. Now admittedly I am one who likes robust flavors in my tea, and truth be told this tea has more than enough flavor and is really profound in what it offers so I do not want to minimize the depth of flavor this tea offers!

The mouth feel is heavy, creamy, broth-y, and full. There is a buttery and noticeable vegetal note dancing on my taste buds! The after taste is lingering mostly of the floral notes.

I realize that the description says “Orchid” however having little experience with orchid here in Kansas, where I live, I am detecting what I would identify or at least have a connection to, as honeysuckle. Which makes me wonder if the two flowers are somewhat similar perhaps. Regardless, I love the floral note in this tea.

I have to make a confession, when I saw how light this tea steeped up I was skeptical. I now find that I am falling in love with this tea. Between the sugary, honey dew, floral, green, and even fresh lively taste in this cup, I am imagining this being the type of tea you could enjoy in a tender romantic moment. Yet, at the same time this tea is also fitting for a luncheon with your grandmother, sister, or a group of friends. It makes me think of those quite contemplative moments as well. Perhaps another tea to add to my “meditative” tea list! I find this tea very grounding and centering. Yes, I am falling for this tea.

There is a drying sensation at the back of the throat between sips if you wait too long. That is alright, although not a favorite aspect in tea in my opinion. Although as long as I have another sip in my cup, there is nothing to worry about! As soon as I typed that however I realized its just about time for steep three. Which I am sure I will enjoy as the leaves still appear as they have much more to give, more imagery for me to contemplate.

Yes, Nuvola, you do offer a fine tea here. I look forward to trying more of your offerings!