Lychee Daisy/A Quarter To Tea. . . . Sip Down!

Sip Downs. . . They always make me feel like I’m being productive with my tea stash.  It seems like all of a sudden I turn around and my tea has doubled in size.  For some time now I’ve been on a buying hiatus but it seems like my stash just doesn’t seem to be dwindling.  I have a lot of really great teas in my stash but I just haven’t been paying much attention to them unfortunately.  Something I’m about to change.

So today, I said goodbye to one of my all time favorite A Quarter To Tea blends. . .Lychee Daisy!

Lychee Daisy is a vibrant green tea blend that gives you all the candied floral feels you could ask for. . . and then a bit more.  This green tea blend is sweet with a romantic floral tone that really doesn’t steer you wrong.  Brewed up as a hot tea or a cold brew, the flavor always stays on point and never lets you down.

The tea starts off with this touch of astringency from the green tea and the sweet kick from the sprinkles. Then as the sip develops, you get more of the floral flavors taking over (from the jasmine buds and rosebuds) which translates marvelously into a candied floral finish.

What really elevated the tea was taking a touch of a sparkling flavored peach water and topping my cold brew off. Really delicious, refreshing, and the perfect way to welcome in the spring like weather we currently have coming in.

For me being a green tea and floral fan, this tea is where its all about. Simple yet oh so lovely and tasty.  I’m sad that I’m savoring the last little bits of this tea.  I will be sad to see it go but A Quarter To Tea always has fun and unique blends to try.  Once I’ve drank down more of my stash, I’ll be placing a good size order to see what new blends A Quarter To Tea has made lately.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  A Quarter To Tea


This tea is no longer available but click below to learn more about A Quarter To Tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Enjoying A Quite Moment with Chai Kai Tea. . . . #jasmingreentea

Being a mom to four boys, two dogs, and a hectic schedule to boot. . . .the quiet relaxing moments for me are sometimes few and far between.  I try to make sure that I get a little “me” time every day which typically involves a few pots of tea.   The other day it involved insane amounts of Jasmine Green from Chai Kai Tea.

Prepped with 190F water and allowed to brew for 3 minutes and cooled for an additional two minutes, this tea begs you to take a moment and really enjoy the tea leaves.  This is one of those brews that you just wrap your hands around the mug and take in the wafting aromas of gorgeous jasmine green tea that remind one of freshness and spring.

After just one sip, I was hooked.  Fresh green slightly vegetal notes with a sweet subtle background and a helping of floral notes. This tea does not disappoint and delivers a spot on high quality flavor.  I drink a lot of jasmine green teas and sometimes the jasmine is just too overpowering or there just isn’t enough jasmine to really enjoy. Sometimes even the green tea just isn’t on par with what I would like to enjoy.   Jasmine Green from Chai Kai Tea provides a romantic flavor that is so incredibly alluring yet delivers a flavor that is robust in its very own way.

With the fresh sights and sounds of spring all around us, this tea has found its just home.  Perfectly balanced and one that I would happily keep in my own personal tea stash all year around.

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Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  Chai Kai Tea Company

Freshly picked Jasmine Blossoms are placed in layers amidst the leaves of this beautifully made Chinese Green Tea, imparting their sweet, perfumed aroma as they dry.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Saba from Tay Tea. . . . .

I have a tea that has recently stumped me. But it has stumped me in the most tasty way! The tea I am referring to it Saba from Tay Tea

Upon opening the sample bag I was pleasantly surprised with the aroma but also confused at the same time. This must be some sort of secret recipe or mystical tea magic. What ever it is I have to say I LOVE it! There was a slight fruit aroma with a naturally airy musk to it, too! It was sweet-floral meets Bubble Yum Bubble Gum almost.

After infusing for a few moments the aroma was fruity, creamy, green, floral, and something reminiscent of grenadine almost. Saba from Tay Tea is one of those flavored greens that make you think with each sip. I had to read the description on the companies website. What I was smelling was…sweet floral fragrances and a lichee-infused green tea blended with jasmine blossoms.

Where did this tea get its name? It’s named for a morning breeze! Fascinating! Beautiful! Peaceful! Lovely! I really like this tea! It’s more than just a flavored green tea…it’s a full tea experience. It’s like a perfect weather day with the top down. It’s a refreshing walk in the woods or roll around in a perfectly bloomed meadow on a spring day! This is a pure delight! I’m thankful for the opportunity to try it!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy:  Tay Tea

Named for a morning breeze, Saba brings to mind the sweet floral fragrances of early summer. A lichee-infused green tea blended with jasmine blossoms.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Acai Berry White Tea from Octavia Tea

acai_berryTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy: Octavia Tea

Tea Description:

The sweet, fruity essence of Brazilian superfruit, açai berry, blends perfectly with blueberries, currants, hibiscus and antioxidant-rich white tea. Harvested only a few days each year, white tea contains a rare amino acid believed to naturally lift mood and ease stress.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I love joining swap boxes because you never know what you will end up when the traveling box hits your doorstep.  I recently had a very large box arrive with amazing teas for me to try and check out.  This sample was the first one I grabbed and had to try out right away.  I’ve heard good things about Octavia Teas but never had the chance to check them out.

White teas and I have been really good friends as of late.  There is just something soul soothing about the sweet floral notes they can produce.  With the wedding plans and the big day only a couple weeks away, I needed a bit of a cozy soothing tea.  So I turned to this beauty.

Acai Berry White is described as being a sweet and fruity tea.  That is exactly how it smells.  Brewed this up as a white tea with my Breville One Touch and sat down to enjoy.

First sip in and I am greeted with this simple yet lovely berry floral taste that made me happy.  This white tea really hit the spot and made me want to snuggle into a blanket and find a fun book to read.  What a lovely tea!

The berry notes are very prominent with a backboard of floral hitting you as well, but a softer more gentler feel.  This tea would be fantastic for a tea party with all of the fun flavors.  Seriously lovely. But do be warned, I did allow this tea to steep to long and before I knew it the tea reminded me of a tutti frutti gum or a kids’ toothpaste.  This one isn’t as forgiving when it comes to oversteeping.  Just pay attention to it and you’ll have some delicious tea on your hands!

Bliss- Vanilla Heather from Astrolo Teas

Bliss_VanillaHeatherTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black/Floral

Where to Buy:  Astrolo Teas

Tea Description:

The Vanilla Heather blend is by far the lightest tea I’ve made. I like to say that it feels like drinking cotton candy made of sweet flowers while floating on a cloud. And that just makes me happy!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

One of my favorite tea shops right now is Astrolo Tea, a different kind of tea shop.  This tea shop not only has an amazing selection of teas, but they are handcrafted and made with care and attention like you can’t believe! The owner is 100% dedicated to her product and her customers.  Not only is she an amazing tea creator, she is an astrologer as well! So talented.

But on to this tea.  This tea is a unique blend of Assam, heather flowers and vanilla-all organic.  There is a beautiful sweetness that envelopes you when you first take a whiff of the dry leaf mixture. I scooped out a serving and set up the Breville One Touch on a black setting.  There are nicely laid out directions on the package.

Took a few moments for the tea to cool off and then took my first sip.  Oh. . .My. . .Goodness!!! I am going to be re-ordering this one and soon.  This is a gorgeous combination of black tea, sweet vanilla, and floral notes.  I can’t ask for a better tea right now with my constant craving of floral teas.  There is a nice full bodied feel to this tea and an ever so slight astringent background.  I can’t drink this tea fast enough to satiate the craving it stirred up.  So very good.  I love how the floral and vanilla work so well together.  Neither overpower the other and all the ingredients combine to create this gorgeous taste.   Another very well done tea from Astrolo Tea!