Pomme Blossom White Tea from Plum Deluxe. . .

Do yourself a favor and visit the website for this company. I betcha you’ll be drooling before you read half of the descriptions. Have someone hide your credit card first and change your Paypal account password if you are weak or you’ll be broke tomorrow.

Plum Deluxe has a monthly tea subscription available, a blender’s choice special so you can try a surprise tea at a special price, and of course, teas to order as you wish.

Today I tried their Pomme Blossom White Tea, a delightful and flavorful blend featuring white tea, rose hips, jasmine, apple pieces, hibiscus, safflower, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel, rose petals, and pomegranate essence. CALM DOWN HIBISCUS HATERS. There isn’t enough hibiscus to change the color of this tea to pink, so you know there is hardly any here. I could smell the rose hips and hibiscus but the tea was not tart. It WAS full of delicious, fresh flavor and was fantastic both hot and iced. Even the cinnamon is quite muted, just adding a sparkle to the cup.

What impressed me about this tea blend is that there is SO MUCH in it, but it is very well balanced and the end result is a really refreshing tea.

Sadly, this blend is not available at present, but no matter. Looking at their site, I’d say there a number of teas to fall in love with here.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  White
Where to Buy:  Plum Deluxe

This tea is no longer available but click below for teas that are.

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Genmai-Matcha Matsujirushi from Steepster. . . .

Steepster is a website for tea lovers. If you are not on the website and you love tea, I recommend joining immediately because ultimately it is what fueled my love of all things tea and introduced me to the world beyond DAVIDsTEA and Teavana. It is essentially a forum to connect with other tea lovers, write tea reviews, and discuss all things tea. It is through this site that I met wonderful friends, experienced tea swaps, and discovered traveling teaboxes, which is how I came across this tea.

For those who don’t know what a traveling teabox is, it is a box packed full of a variety of teas that is passed from person to person. Everyone can take as much or as little as they like from the box, making sure to replace what they take with samples of their own teas, keeping in mind things like quality, price, age, type, etc. It gives people a chance to try a whole bunch of new things without committing to more than just a sample.

As a Canadian, I am part of the Great Canadian Traveling Tea Box, which is one of the very few that operates outside the United States. It travels around Canada (and occasionally to the states) to the various Steepster members signed up to participate. Now it is my turn with the box and when I saw this inside, I couldn’t help but grab a taste. First of all its a genmaicha, which I love, but it is also a matcha-coated genmaicha, which means some desperately needed caffeine. And on top of all that, it is one of the few tea offerings by Steepster and since I never took advantage of the Steepster teas in the past, I was all the more intrigued.

I brewed it up as per the package instructions, 2 minutes at 185F, and the end result is a light yellowish-green brew that is slightly cloudy from the matcha dusting. It resembles lime juice now that I think about it. It does not taste like lime juice though and thank goodness for that. It is smooth. Very smooth…and goes down easily. It also manages to be light while simultaneously being quite flavorful. There is a great roasted (barley?) flavor from the popped rice and rather than coming off grassy, this has more of a slightly bitter herb quality to it. Yet, though it seems as if it should be savory, there is a sweetness here (thanks to the base) to round out the tea.

Personally, I am really enjoying this tea. It is so simple and yet so complex. It is also very familiar while being new and unique, like an old friend who I only just met.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green Tea
Where to Buy: Steepster

These teas are no longer available but click below to learn more about Steepster

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