Super Starling’s Festive Favorites!

Hello, TEA-ple! Hanukkah is here, and I’m ready to make demands!
You might be thinking “but Super Starling… the holidays are underway.” Don’t fret. I accept holiday gifts all year round.
Here are some tea-related festive favorites:
Watercolor Art Print. I love the style on this: part papercut and part watercolor. Plus, plenty of pink and purple. I’m not usually girly, but tea brings it out in me.
A Cup With Feet. Admit it. You’re wondering if this is dishwasher-safe. Strap in, folks: it is. The artist makes all kinds of mugs with — and a few without — feet. I can’t get enough of this.
Vintage Fortune Telling Set. I’m not sure if this would make tea-leaf-reading easier or harder, but I’m ready to try.
Tea & Tarot Bangle. I have a huge collection of those trendy bangle bracelets. You know the ones I mean. But none of them QUITE nail down my tea-witch nature like this.
Fabric Teapot. I just like the vibe of this. I could put it on a little shelf and incorporate it into one of the gallery walls of my house. Maybe put some emergency candy in there. NOT THAT I HAVE STASHES OF CANDY HIDDEN AROUND MY HOME.
Which reminds me: I’m also, obviously, accepting both candy and tea.

Super Starling’s 8 Hanukkah Requests For The Sky-Mensch

Every Hanukkah, I always say things like “I have everything I need in my family and friends.” I also say things like “I am against consumer culture,” and “Your presence is my present.”
Meanwhile, I am hoarding a gargantuan, tear-stained wish list behind my back.
Here, in the safety of my Sisters, I present to you:
Eight Tea-Related Hanukkah Gifts I Would Like From The Sky Mensch. 
All are from Etsy, because it’s the best site for crafty anti-establishment ogling ever.
Evening 1: A British wax seal with a teacup & owl? Could this necklace be more Harry Potter? It must be upon my body post-haste.
Evening 2: I should probably wean down my mug collection, not add to it… But this one stands on three feet (neat!) and has a cute lace pattern!
Evening 3: How am I going to take my new mug to and fro? A teacup holster, obviously. Sometimes you just need to quick-draw a cuppa. I’ve literally never had a gun situation; I have a tea situation at least once a day.
Evening 4: A kettle bangle. Though Alex and Ani has cupcakes, they do not have a teapot or kettle. This is a grave oversight that Etsy has solved.
Evening 5: A dog drinking matcha. Obviously this belongs in my kitchen.
Evening 6: A teacup statement necklace. Whether that statement is “I border on hipster” or “I have discerning taste in beverages” is up to you.
Evening 7: This Alice in Wonderland skirt. I have no idea how we made it so far into this post without a single Alice in Wonderland mention. This is probably a record. A-line skirts look really cute with my body type (or, actually, EVERY body type). I’d wear this with a big sweater and combat boots. It would be adorably 1990s Hot Topic. I’d cherish every moment.
Evening 8: A pin. I couldn’t narrow this final one down, so I give you my final contenders: skull mug, corgi, and “I make therefore I am.” I will accept all three if it comes down to that.
Be good to me, this year, Sky-Mensch! I’d dig it!