Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla from The Tea Guy. . . . .

Been on a little bit of a hiatus the past month. Only drinking a few cups a week. Normally I don’t share much about my personal life but last Saturday (5/13/17 we may have time travelers reading this {har har} )at 3 am our son came into the world.  Now almost a week later I feel like my taste buds are back and little man is currently being fed by dad so I figured now would be a good time to get a post in.
This is a very unique rooibos. The flavors are subtle, almost to the point that I doubted that they were really there. Make sure to steep it for at least five minutes to truly extract all the flavors. Also, the flavors vary widely depending on the water temperature. When the water is hot – warm you will experience bourbon and vanilla. As it cools you will find the rooibos comes out more along with a strong oak flavor.
This is the first time I have tasted bourbon, let alone any alcohol, in a tea. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had bourbon so getting acclimated to the flavor required at least half the cup.  The vanilla leaves a sweet sensation for the after taste.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos
Where to Buy: The Tea Guy

Not all vanilla extracts are created equally, nor taste the same.  Our chief tea sommelier spent a great deal of time, exploring & tasting what was available for vanilla rooibos tisanes.  The result was most always a let down.

So, when we decided to go head to head with the best vanilla rooibos’s out there, our job was clear, blow away the palates & imaginations of the huge following this infusion commands.

We choose the bourbon varietal bean extract & pieces. We soaked our organic rooibos in it for a time and then cupped it against the competition.  We were ecstatic with our result. You really outta try this so order a bag today!

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Organic Midnight Jasmine Chun Mee from The Tea Guy

You can buy a jasmine tea almost anywhere you go in the world but if you want a quality Jasmine tea look no further.

The leaves are a bit darker then some of the other Chun Mee teas I’ve had but its a perfect base to scent with jasmine.

The dry leaf gives off only a slight hint of the flavor to come, while the wet leaf has somewhat of a smoky smell. The liquid flavor of the jasmine is light but in a good way. T

hose who have sensitive palettes or prefer lighter teas will definitely enjoy this cuppa. Chun Mee is a Chinese green tea. Also known as precious eyebrows because of the way it looks after it is rolled and dried.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Green
Where to Buy:  The Tea Guy

A classic and smooth China eyebrow tea in a pure organic form. The fresh scent of jasmine does not overwhelm the tea like some jasmines, but with the fragrant chun mee, the balance between floral and green tea notes are divine. The flowers have never touched this tea, just their overwhelming fragrance.

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