English Breakfast Black Tea from We Are Tea. . .

I couldn’t wait to try this breakfast tea, an Assam that promises not to leave a bitter aftertaste. A lot of breakfast Assam teas leave not only a bitter aftertaste for me but a stomach ache as well. I don’t take milk or sugar in my tea, but I will make an exception for Assam tea that is too strong for me. A little splash of milk will usually make it a pain-free breakfast beverage for me.

This teabag (made of biodegradable cornstarch!) says to steep for only two minutes, and guess what I did? That’s right! I tried to multitask and ended up oversteeping it! I have no idea for how long. I added a bit of hot water just in case and still was left with a deeply rich red/brown cuppa. Bracing myself, I took a sip to wash down my scrambled eggs and summer sausage. (Come on, you really have to have good, strong black tea with a breakfast like that!)

The good news is that it IS a strong and hearty, malty and bready English Breakfast, almost what I would consider an Irish Breakfast. The great news is that even with all the hefty body and strong malty flavor, I had no heartburn whatsoever. No stomach ache. No regrets about my morning beverage choice.

I am looking forward to trying some more of their blends!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  We Are Tea

The nations favourite for a reason! Our full bodied breakfast blend of the finest Assam is perfect for those who love a malty and smooth cuppa. Our blend is packed each June in India’s lush Assam region. A cup of this whole-leaf tea is great for any mood at any time of day, promise. Our English Breakfast provides a smoother brew with no bitter aftertaste.

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Super Berry Infusion Tea from We Are Tea. . . .

Still on a roll today, the next tea I want to take a moment to chat about is Super Berry Infusion Tea from We Are Tea. We Are Tea is a tea company with the idea of making tea simple, so everybody can enjoy.  I couldn’t agree more.  Sometimes the simplest teas are the ones you find yourself reaching for the most.

Super Berry is a fruit tisane made up of red berries, hibiscus, apples, oranges, and rosehips.  A pretty typical line up for a fruit tisane but this tea tastes anything like your traditionally fruit tisane.

Brewed up with freshly boiled water and allowed to steep for 6 minutes- this tea yields a beautifully tart citrus flavor that has almost a tropical feel towards the end of each sip.  You can’t really pick out any one flavor but the flavors mingle so well -they are basically singing the same song.

What I love the most is the citrus hibiscus combo with more of an emphasis of citrus.  The apple really helps tame down the hibiscus so that you don’t feel like you need to pucker up after each sip.

A wonderfully delicious refreshing tea that would be just as amazing as a cold brew.  Really digging this one.  This is an example of a tea where you really can’t judge a tea by the ingredients.  This is a tea blend not to be missed!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Tisane
Where to Buy:  We Are Tea

Our pet peeve with fruit teas are that they smell delicious but taste like water! No longer need we be disappointed, our fruity little minx “Super Berry” is bursting with flavour and antioxidants. Packed with red berries, hibiscus, apple, orange & rose-hip, trust us this caffeine free, fruit tea tastes as good as it smells.

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