Amaretto Matcha (White Base) from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: White Matcha

Where to Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Amaretto, with its distinct taste can be made truly special by adding a spalsh of exotic oriental Matcha. The resulting Amaretto Matcha has a new fresh flavor that is more heightened and very pleasurable for the adventurous palate. When wanting to make many snacks or desserts to stand out in an assortment of their equals, adding a touch of this exceptional Matcha treat can both surprise and delight it many takers with its sweet sharp taste. With Amaretto Matcha, any culinary delight can be a special experience in new tastes and adventures for the palate.

Although Amaretto Matcha can be restricted to mainly adults, it is very adaptable depending on the quantity and where it is being used. Its hint of almonds and apricots can make it acquire a large following of delighted fans. In any social setting this delectable treat can quickly become the party favorite because of its deeply satisfying taste and flavor. Its mellowing effect makes it the perfect early evening treat when a person just wants to unwind and rewind the successes of their busy day. Amaretto Matcha can be considered the silver lining in any day where a healthy boost of tastiness is required to turn it around.

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Taster’s Review:

This matcha flavor is very true to the Amaretto Liquor without the heavy liquor aroma or flavor / burn. I know that may not make a lot of sense. Alcohol has a burn to it, a warmth, and its own aroma as well as flavor. What I am trying to evoke is that with this matcha you get everything you would expect from a true amaretto flavor without the alcohol. I probably should have just said it like that.

Regardless, this is an excellent flavor selection.

Now I got mine in a white base. I prefer green matcha base in all flavors I have tried thus far, and I have tried a lot of them. However it is nice to have a couple of your favorite flavors in white base for when you want a matcha in the evening like I did today.

The white base does not mix as easily. I will say that. It takes a bit more whisk work than green, and does not whisk up as frothy. Other than that, there is no problem with a white matcha base. It just takes a tad bit more effort.

If you are not familiar with Amaretto flavor it is predominantly nutty.   Amaretto is made with almonds and apricot, specifically the pits. Interesting isn’t it! I love fresh apricots but care for only a few apricot flavored teas. I love amaretto matcha! Now with that said I personally do not detect much if any of an apricot flavor in amaretto, this or any other amaretto. To me its more of what the blend of almond and apricot creates which is something wonderful unto itself.

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and if you are from that time era you may recall the oh so often sipped on Amaretto Sour. I used to drink those down like water. That however is another story. The point is this matcha flavor is excellent, in a white base, green base, or for the more adventurous, Red Leaf Tea also offers oolong, and black tea bases as well.

Red Matcha from Pure Matcha

Tea Type: Matcha (Rooibos Base)

Where To Buy: Pure Matcha

Product Description:

Rooibos, which is grown deep in the heart of South Africa, is a deeply rich, aromatic, and flavorful tea. Naturally caffeine free and full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. 47% more than any green tea. Our Rooibos is stone ground into the finest powder. Allowing you to consume the whole leaf, just like traditional Matcha. By consuming the leaf, you absorb almost 10 times more anti-oxidants and vitamins than the regular method of drinking Rooibos, where the leaves are removed after brewing. This results in a stronger, richer, and naturally sweet flavor you will never forget. Our 100% Rooibos Powder will leave your body and mind completely revitalized and rejuvinated.

Tasters Review:

I’ve had 2 other Rooibos Based Matcha Powders and I have enjoyed both of them.  Red Matcha from Pure Matcha is just as good!   It’s a plain rooibos base into a powder so there is no flavoring to really comment on other than it DOES smell and taste exactly like  Rooibos and what you think it would and should smell and taste like.

The thing that really stands out here is the QUALITY.  It’s top-notch as far as Rooibos quality goes.

In matcha form the rooibos is very clean tasting but semi-murky in the water…it looks like a latte, however, and that makes sense!

It’s smooth and sweet and I think it’s very good!  I  can only assume that red matcha’s – among other matchas – will grow in popularity…I’m hoping for a WHITE MATCHA soon…if you know of one…let us know!!!