Ararat Basil Infusion from Armeniac Teas

It’s usually hit and miss with herbal tisanes for me but this combo of Ararat dark opal basil and wild mint in Ararat Basil Infusion from Armeniac Teas is truly something special.  Eventho herbal tisanes usually are not my thing I tend to gravitate towards anything minty.  This didn’t disappoint!

Not only does this Ararat Basil Infusion from Armeniac Teas has the perfect ratio of basil to mint to please the nose and the taste buds – it’s also pretty pleasing to the eyes!  Upon opening the bag I saw fluffy, springy mint and basil that were VERY fresh and ready to infuse!

Personally the mint takes it to the next level for me but I have to mention the Ararat Basil, specifically, here!  Ararat Basil is a beautiful bi-color basil (usually shades of purple and green).  It has a slight licorice aroma and flavor to it, too!

Ararat Basil Infusion from Armeniac Teas is pretty impressive and makes me change my mind about herbal tisanes.  If you are anything like me and want to find the BETTER tisanes out there give Ararat Basil Infusion from Armeniac Teas a whirl.  If you already adore herbals then Ararat Basil Infusion from Armeniac Teas might be right up your alley!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Herbal/Tisane

Where to Buy: Armeniac Teas


This pungent infusion has the extraordinary aroma and fresh flavor of dark opal basil and notes of wild mint, mentioned in old texts as a stress reducer and positive mood enhancer.

Ingredients: Ararat dark opal basil and wild mint

Type: Herbal, Natural, Caffeine Free, GMO Free, No artificial colors or fragrances

Directions: Place 1 heaping teaspoon of tea blend per each cup in a teapot, add freshly boiled water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Strain into a teacup and serve hot or iced, without sugar.

Learn more about this tea and tea company here.

White Sage and Wild Mint from Juniper Ridge

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy: Juniper Ridge

Tea Description:

White Sage has a rich, earthy, minty flavor that made it a favorite tea for many of the Native American tribes and early settlers of the Southwest. I like to sip this tea during the wet winters here in Northern California and let my mind drift off to the hot desert country where White Sage grows. So many backpacking trips over the years in that beautiful, sunbaked country—maybe I’ll just sit here in the shade of this Palo Verde tree and let some of the afternoon heat pass while I nod off to sleep with the smell of Wild Sage in the air . . . Now you can enjoy this classic Southwestern tea and dream your own daydreams of the big rock, White Sage desert country.


Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I grow sage in my garden – tons of it, so I could easily say it is one of my favorite herbs. This tea has such a perfect aroma and I know they are using quality sage in this blend.

Normally I would not be that excited to try a bagged tea, but anything that says SAGE on it is something that peeks my interest!  I had never heard of this tea company before but thanks to Anne, my SoroiTEA Sister, I was lucky to try this tea! Thank you Anne!

When I visted the Juniper Ridge website I was delighted to see they sell other items as well. I love essential oils, hand crafted soaps, colognes, and such, so I spent some time really pouring over their site. I love their devotion to wilderness see more info here.

For a bagged tea, this bag packs quite a punch! It has a lovely, delightful, sage flavor, and a minty, but not overpoweringly mint taste. Now keep in mind I do love mint, almost as much as sage, so its not like my taste buds are delicate to a mint flavor, this may be far more minty to you than it is to me, but what really speaks to me is that the mint, being somewhat of a strong flavor element, does not take away from the excellent sage in this tea.

There is also a nice spiciness to this tea as well but not like a chai, more like a black pepper note, and it also tastes like the sage may have been roasted a little.

This tea is quite relaxing. I mean really very soothing, centering, grounding, a perfect tea for meditation or before bedtime. There is something about drinking a tisane from nature, that is pure and unadulterated.

I love how this tisane makes me feel, warm, cozy, light hearted, relaxed, and happy.

An experience everyone should have.