Yi Fu Chun Black Tea from Yezi Tea

original121212121Tea Type:
Black Tea

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Yezi Tea

Product Description:

This smoky black loose-leaf tea is grown in the majestic Nanhu Mountain range on the outskirts of Fuqing City in the Fujian province of China. These mountains might be covered in dense fog for two hundred days a year, but one thing remains clear: for the last 250 years they have been home to some of the finest teas to come out of China.

Yi Fu Chun is an organic tea, and Yezi is proud to bring you this offering sourced, like most of our teas, directly from the farmer. You will find drinking this golden brown brew as smooth as riding in a Rolls-Royce on a newly paved highway. A light and natural sugarcane sweetness is a distinguishing characteristic of Yi Fu Chun. Notes of apple and peach add to its complex flavor.
Our Tea Farmer
Farmer Huang Jian, Nanhu Mountain, Fujian, ChinaHuang Jian, Nanhu Mountain, Fujian, China »
How to brew Yi Fu Chun Black Tea tea

Amount of tea in grams Temperature in °C Temperature in °F Number of brews First brew time Use: 4-5 grams or 3 tsp. of tea Water amount: 1 gram of tea / 50-60ml of water or 1 tsp. of tea / 3 oz. of water Time of day: Afternoons or early evenings Temperature: 90-95 °C or 194-203 °F Brew: 4-5 times First brew: 20 seconds Subsequent brews: Add 10 seconds Recommended tea set: Lu Yao porcelain or glass tea set

Tea brewing is an art – and you are the artist! Just as a jazz musician adds individual touches to make a composition unique, you can add your own individual flourishes to make your tea stand out. The guidelines provided above are derived from two time-tested principles: 1) The more oxidized a tea, the higher the temperature you will need, and 2) Smaller tea pots allow for more control over the brewing process and are especially recommended for lighter teas. That said, we encourage you to experiment with the amount of tea you use, water temperature, tea utensils, and infusion times to conjure up your own “Aha!” moment.
Yi Fu Chun Black Tea is also known as…

Cantonese version of the name is Yat Fat Chun 一拂春茶

Tasters Review:

I’ve heard this tea as being described as Baked Bread, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Cocoa, Dried Fruit, Floral, Malt, Molasses, Rye, Smooth, Sweet, Thick, Apple Skins, Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Creamy, Honey, Sweet Potatoes, Peach, Peanut, Smoke, Cannabis, Grain, Chocolate.  Whatever your tongue may taste – I really LOVE this tea from Yezi!  As for my experiences with this tea – I like it because it’s fairly smooth, gently sweet – much like a bit of sugar cane, and towards the end of the sip I could pick up on subtle peachy notes as well.  The first infusion hint at a bit of smoke but additional infusions – the smoke flavors are diminished.

Jin Pin Red Tea (Black Tea) from Yezi Tea

Jin PinTea Type:
Red Tea
(Black Tea)

Where to Buy:
Yezi Tea

Product Description:

Jin Pin black loose-leaf tea comes from China’s famed Nanhu Mountain range, which is covered nearly year-round by a dense layer of fog. In addition, the extreme difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures there creates the ideal conditions for growing high-quality tea.

In Chinese, Jin Pin means gold personality. It is no coincidence that the brew produced by Jin Pin is a dark orange color. The tea produces a strong, smoky flavor with contrasting tones of chocolate and caramel. Yezi is able to bring you the finest-quality Jin Pin tea because of our collaboration with farmer Huang Jian. For the last 250 years, the Nanhu Mountain range has been home to some of China’s highest-quality organic teas, and we are confident that you’ll take just one sip and say, “I agree.”

Tasters Review:

Jin Pin Red Tea is the official name on the label but as many of you know Red Tea is also known as Black Tea or visa versa.  I’ve enjoyed everything I have sampled from Yezi Tea thus far.

My husband has been drinking more tea lately because he’s NOT drinking as much coffee and when he does drink coffee he’s opting for the decaf.  The tea isn’t decaf but it’s darn tasty!  This morning he was in NEED of some black tea.  And when I say he was in NEED he was certainly in NEED.  I chose this tea for him.  His tea tastes are quite limited compared to mine.  He likes stronger and maltier black teas and will add sugar to it most of the time.  I don’t know if he’s ever asked for tea at work.  Because I do NOT add anything to my tea he got a cup of this tea without any additives and he’s been talking about it all morning.  He loves it!

As for me – I am a fan as well!  Why!?  Because it’s strong, flavorful, a bit brisk and crisp, it has a slight smoky flavor but also has quite a bit of maltiness to it as well as caramel notes.  In the 2nd Infusion – it’s much of the same with the exception of the Caramel notes…those diminish in the 2nd infusion.  It’s still very tasty, tho.

This is another winner, folks!  Certainly worth a try!

Dragon Well High Grade Long Jing Green Tea from Yezi Tea

dragon-wellTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Yezi Tea

Tea Description:

A reason to fall in love with green tea all over again.

At Yezi, we are proud to bring to you the finest grade of Longjing loose leaf green tea. Long Jing translated from Chinese means “Dragon Well”. Yezi’s Longjing consists entirely of unopened leaf buds called dragon sprouts or water lily hearts. These fine tea leaves are harvested in the first few weeks of spring by tea farmers who have maintained a fierce pride in growing the finest Long Jing for generations upon generations.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This is a very fine tasting Dragon Well from Yezi Tea!  I can taste why it’s considered a High Grade Long Jing Green Tea!  The tea sprouts are beautiful and green, and smell fresh and “leafy.”

The flavor is sweet and lightly grassy.  I taste a savory note about mid-sip that provides a nice contrast to the sweetness.  The vegetative taste here reminds me of springtime with its fresh, clean and pure taste … it is reminiscent of the new leaf and grass buds start to emerge from the earth after a cold winter.

There are sweet, nutty tones that compliment the vegetative sweetness and the slight grassy bitterness.  The grassy tones accentuate a floral tone that emerges toward mid-cup.  The floral tone adds dimension to the sweetness and distinctness to the savory elements of the flavor.  All of these characteristics play very well together on the palate.

The overall taste is light, but even though it is what I’d call “light” there is so much flavor to it … so much complexity.  The texture is like a delicate broth.  It is a joy to sip this soothing tea.

There is a hint of fruit to this tea also … almost like the faintest note of lemon.  The first time I noticed it … I thought maybe my taste buds were playing tricks on me, but after a second and even a third sip … yes, I notice this citrus-y taste.  It’s very faint … but it’s there.

I really enjoyed this Dragon Well from Yezi Tea.  The more I become familiar with this company’s teas … the more I like this company!

Wen Shan Pouchong Oolong Tea from Yezi Tea

PouchongTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pouchong

Where to Buy:  Yezi Tea

Tea Description:

This delicate oolong is so light in flavor that it frequently causes many a Chinese tea connoisseur to compare it to a green tea. Baozhong has been grown on the mountain slopes of the rural Pinglin District of Taipei since the eighteenth century. Yezi’s Baozhong is brought to you by local tea farmer Gao Xiu Chen. Needless to say, after over two hundred years of cultivating and harvesting it, the tea farmers of Pinglin do an excellent job with their Baozhong.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Oh, this Wen Shan Pouchong Oolong Tea from Yezi Tea is so deliciously light and delicate in flavor.  But, even in it’s delicateness, it’s so full of flavor.  It almost seems a contradiction to say that, but if you were to taste this tea, you might better understand what I mean.

With each sip, the palate is covered with a soft, silky, creamy texture that fills the taste buds with a subtle vegetative quality and a beautiful sweetness.  The vegetative notes do not last long, they soon make way for the emergence of an exotic floral taste.  Orchid.  Lovely!

The description on the Yezi website suggests notes of lemon … and with the first few sips up until mid-cup, I wouldn’t have agreed with that.  But, after taking a few moments in between sips, I notice a bright lemon-y note in the aftertaste.  Not a sour, pucker-y lemon, more like a sweet, creamy, lemon curd type of lemon note.  This note emerges more as I continue to sip now, and appears close to the finish.

This pouchong can be enjoyed through several infusions.  The flavor is very soft and gentle for through the first three infusions, and then by the fourth infusion, I notice the flavors become a little stronger.  By the sixth infusion, the flavors begin to subside a little bit … but it’s only a minor shift in flavor and there are still a few more infusions to be enjoyed.  My personal favorite infusions were the second and the fourth … so it is definitely worth taking this tea through it’s paces to get as much out of each measurement of leaves that you can!

Yet another wonderful tea from Yezi Tea!

Jasmine Pearls Mo Li Hua Green Tea from Yezi Tea

jasmine-dragon-pearlsTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Yezi Tea

Tea Description:

This exquisite organic green tea is harvested in the city of Fuzhou in the famed Fujian province of China. Mo Li Hua is sold as a mix of carefully oxidized green-tea leaves and fragrant jasmine flowers.

Jasmine is the municipal flower of Fuzhou—and for good reason. The citizens of Fuzhou know that there are fewer sensations more rejuvenating than the fragrance of jasmine flowers wafting through their windows on evenings ideal for quiet contemplation. Now you, too, can enjoy this carefully handcrafted loose-leaf green tea. Be sure to note how, as soon as the Mo Li Hua leaves come into contact with water, they expand into exquisite floral patterns, further accentuating the goodness of the brew.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I love jasmine pearls!  And these Jasmine Pearls Mo Li Hua Green Tea from Yezi Tea are some of the finest I’ve tried.  The aroma is captivating, and the flavor … amazing.  And drinking jasmine teas is always a treat for me … not just because I love jasmine, but it also means that I get to get out my Yixing mug.  It’s Jasmine time!

The leaves have been carefully wound into small pellets, and these “pearls” slowly unfurl to release their flavor.  It’s fun to watch them do their elegant dance in the hot water, so if you have a glass gaiwan … you should use it to brew this tea!

This is a lovely jasmine tea.  The jasmine is not nearly as strong in flavor as the fragrance suggests.  It is a highly aromatic tea:  both the dry leaf and the brewed tea emit an outstanding bouquet.  But the flavor of the jasmine is soft and smooth … not at all perfume-y.  It is beautifully exotic and feminine without tasting like a bar of soap from one of those luxury bath stores in the mall.

The green tea is sweet and it has a delicate taste that is a perfect complement to the subtle taste of the jasmine flower.  There is no sharpness and very little astringency here.  It’s just a pleasure to sip, from start to finish.

Yet another amazing tea from Yezi Tea … I’m really impressed with this company thus far!