Coconut Chai from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Product Description:

A robust and full flavored black tea accented with exotic imperial spices. The bold concentrated character of this lush black tea lends itself well to the full notes of cardamom, ginger and clove. The sweet hint of tropical coconut fragrantly fills the cup, offering an inviting taste of paradise to savor from any spot on the map. Delicious with a splash of milk. A bright and flavorful steep. Sunglasses not included.

Ingredients: Indian black tea, organic cinnamon, ginger, cardamom pods, whole cloves, orange peels, nutmeg, org. black pepper, organic cinnamon essential oil, organic coconut flavor.

Taster’s Review:

I guess it’s no big secret – I love chai blends!  Now, when I say “chai” – I am using the word to describe what those of us in the United States have come to know as “chai” – that is, a tea or tisane that is comprised of a combination of warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger and/or cardamom … just to name a few.  Some chai blends have fewer spices than those I just listed, some have many more.

I think that’s one of the things that I find so intriguing about chai blends.  I like the warm spiciness of it, and I like how the different variations of spices can lead to totally different tastes… some being more bold, some being lighter; some being more focused on one or two spice ingredients, and some being very even toned – so much so that it’s hard to tell where one spice ends and another begins.

This is an incredibly delicious chai blend from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea.  The coconut lends a sweet, creamy flavor to the chai blend, making it unnecessary to add milk or cream to make this a latte.  No, I’m not saying this is already a latte, but it does already possess some of that creamy, sweet factor that is very much like a latte.  Of course, if you wish to add it, it is perfectly delicious with this addition (and for an unbelievably delicious and decadent chocolate coconut chai latte, try adding some dark chocolate breve crème!)

I have previously reviewed this chai blend, and I enjoy it now just as much as I enjoyed it then.  It has a very pleasing spice level that is not too spicy and not too tame.  The nutmeg is a nice addition and is a spice that I do not see very often in chai blends, but one that I think adds a nice dimension of flavor, especially to this blend, as it enhances the coconut flavor nicely.  The orange is also a nice addition, and rounds out the tropical taste of this chai.

A very nice, comforting chai and one of my favorite teas from Zhena’s!

Blueberry Vanilla from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where To Buy:  Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Company Description:

Finest quality green tea leaves blended with blueberry and vanilla bean.

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade, Biodynamic Green Tea, Organic Blueberry Piece, Organic Vanilla Pieces, Organic Blueberry Flavor, Organic Vanilla Flavor.

Taster’s Review:

Yummy!  This tea tastes like berries and cream to me!

The green tea base tastes smooth – I can’t detect any vegetative or grassy flavor to it at all.  Just sweet smoothness.  It’s very light.

The focus in this tea is on the blueberry and vanilla.  The blueberry is sweet – but there is a faint tart tingle on the tip of my tongue at the end of the sip and in the aftertaste.  It isn’t a severe or strong berry flavor – it’s delicate but in keeping with the light flavor of the green tea.

And then there is vanilla.  This gives the blend a very creamy taste and texture as it coats the palate.  The vanilla essence is the strongest in this tea, but that’s quite alright with me, because I really like how it complements the blueberry in this blend.

I know it’s iced tea season – and the berry sweetness of this tea would make it an excellent candidate for chilling.  But I think I prefer my vanilla flavored teas hot as it keeps the vanilla flavors creamy as opposed to dulled.   This blend has a nice sweetness to it and I found it rather enjoyable without sweetener.

A very nice tea from Zhena’s!  If you like berry flavored teas, you really should try this one!

Bed & Breakfast from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Company Description:

This tea is the result of carefully crafted blending, to ensure that the essential harmony of the botanicals healthful properties yield a superb tea experience.

Our artisan crafted blend of top of class Fair Trade, organic black teas will cheerfully awaken and delight you with its rich, smooth flavor and sumptuous floral aroma. Grown by small, socially-just gardens, this highest grade exotic blend of Indian, Ceylon and China whole leaf teas brew a full-bodied, stimulating cup. Its distinct, deep flavor is enhanced with a splash of milk.

Ingredients: A Blend of Black Teas: Yunnan, Nilgiri and Ceylon.

Taster’s Review:

When it comes to breakfast blends, I want the tea to be strong – something that will help me shake off that “still sleepy” feeling that I have in the morning.  This tea does that, but still offers an agreeable sweet taste that brings a smile to my face.

It is a pleasantly robust, bright-tasting blend of black teas.  I find it very well-rounded:  smooth, but not too silky; vigorous, but not too strong; sweet, but not sickeningly so.  Just a very flavorful black tea.  It’s a little milder than some breakfast teas – it doesn’t reach out and slap you in the face to wake you up.  Instead, it gives you a sweet, gentle nudge to get you going.

The tea finishes with a dry note to the palate, much like drinking a fine dry wine, but without the bitterness I’d associate with that wine.  I like this tea very much, and I like it even better knowing it is a blend of organic, fair trade teas.

This is one that you can feel good about waking up to in the morning!