Sencha (Pyramid Tea Bag) from Den’s Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Den’s Tea

Company Description:

Den’s Tea best selling tea bag. This is the same great quality Sencha that we offer loose, with the added convenience of a tea bag. The leaves are cut, roasted and blended specifically for our tea bags. We wrap each bag in a foil pouch to insure freshness.

Taster’s Review:

I really like Sencha tea.  It is a Japanese green tea that is slightly sweet, with just a hint of bitterness and very pleasantly vegetative, but not so extraordinarily grassy that it is off-putting.

This Sencha from Den’s Tea is one of the best unflavored Sencha teas that I’ve encountered.  It surprises even me to say this, since this is in a pyramid tea bag!  And, yet, this tea is delightful!

Although Den’s Tea does not specify which of their Sencha teas they put in their gourmet tea bags, I suspect that this is their Sencha Extra Green with Matcha.   I not only taste the presence of Matcha in my cup, but, the dry pyramid emitted a slight dusty, green powder when I first opened the package, and when infused, the tea looks like a very thin Matcha tea (imagine putting an itty bitty, tiny pinch of matcha and adding 8 ounces of tea… it would probably look a bit like what is in my teacup now).

This is a light-bodied tea, but, the Matcha gives it just a little more body than it would have without it.  The flavor is very bright and fresh-tasting – and as I said before, very vegetative.   The vegetal quality tastes more like steamed, buttered vegetables than a grassy taste.   This would be absolutely delicious paired with your favorite Asian food.

This is another tea that I received as part of the “Green Tea Novice Sampler” that Den’s Tea offers.  Even if you aren’t a green tea novice (I don’t really consider myself to be one) – you should really try this sampler package.  It is truly an exceptional value and even better – it’s an excellent opportunity to try some fantastic tea!

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