Cranberry Mango Green Tea from TeaGschwendner

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: TeaGschwendner

Product Description:

Green teas from China and Ceylon with cranberry and mango bits

Tasters Review:

I have to admit I am fairly new to TeaGschwendner Teas.  If it wasn’t for my fellow tea buddies and swappers I probably wouldn’t have been able to try them.  I have found that I like most of their teas that I have tried so far.  Cranberry Mango Green Tea is currently towards the top of the list of being one of my favorites so far!

I cannot express how awesome this  tea smells! If a smell could be iridescent this would be it! I could smell cranberries but then a little mango…oddly enough I was getting an overwhelming grapefruit type smell from across the room…not sure why because it’s cranberry and mango but I am NOT complaining in the slightest because this is one of the most awesome smelling green teas I have ever smelled n my life! It doesn’t even lose that much of the smell once infused!

It’s a light yellow/green in color and very pleasing to my palate. It’s refreshing and juicy and thirst quenching and fun! The Cranberry and Mango couldn’t be dancing a more perfect dance with each other.

I like green tea, and I like Cranberry and Mango.  Apparently this flavored green has all of the components and I was lucky enough to try it!

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