Shanti from The Simple Leaf

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  The Simple Leaf

Company Description:

Shanti is a Sanskrit word meaning peace and tranquility, which is exactly how we feel every time we drink it. The beautiful green leaves and prominent tips of this tea will be the first thing to grab your attention. When brewed, these leaves unfurl and produce a wonderfully mellow, light green liquor that is exceptionally smooth. The flavor is fresh, slightly vegetal and fruity. Little known Arunachal Pradesh, in the north eastern part of India, has arrived! Remember: never use boiling water or milk with green tea as they will ruin the flavor. Let the water cool down a bit after it comes to a boil. Enjoy hot or iced.

Taster’s Review:

I have been amazed by the quality of tea that I’ve received from The Simple Leaf.

The Simple Leaf operates under the simple philosophy of “fresh tea.  Uncomplicated.”  Yes, their tea is fresh!  Although, I don’t know if I would consider a tea this delightful, delicious and complex to be “uncomplicated.”  Certainly, it doesn’t become complicated with added flavors or bits and pieces of fruit, nut, petals or other things.  This is as pure and “Simple” as tea can get.  So, I guess, in that respect, yes, it IS uncomplicated.

The dry leaves are long and curly.  They slowly unfurl (I am currently on my third infusion, and still some of the leaves have not completely opened up) to reveal beautiful, full, young green leaves.

The first infusion of this tea was very vegetative.  Not exactly what I would call “grassy” – but more like freshly steamed, lightly buttered vegetables.  It is light-bodied with a very silky mouthfeel.  Not a thick or heavy mouthfeel, but very smooth, light, and sumptuous.  Delicious!

With each subsequent infusion, the flavor becomes more delicate – smoother.  As the flavor softens, it begins to reveal more layers of complexity.  There are pleasant fruity tones that offer interesting contrast to the vegetative qualities of the tea.  I can also detect a slightly sharp floral note to the tea in this third infusion, giving this tea even more character and interest.

As I indicated above, after three infusions, this tea has still not completely unfurled, so it is still good for at least one more infusion.  That’s a fantastic value for such a delicious and high quality tea.

When it comes to exceptional quality in tea – The Simple Leaf does not compromise!  I recommend brewing a large pot of this tea, wrapping your teapot in a cozy to keep the liquid warm, and enjoying the company of this tea for hours!  This is a tea that you should share with your dearest friends.  This tea is truly a treasure.

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