Strawberry & Vanilla from Lupicia

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Lupicia

Company Description:

Green tea with matcha is flavored with sweet fragrance of strawberry and vanilla.

Taster’s Review:

This tea is delightful!

The dry tea smells amazing – it smells a lot like strawberry milk!  It has that same creamy, strawberry scent.  The brewed liquor offers a softer aroma, but, it still smells positively delicious.

This is a green tea blend that contains Matcha, which is noticeable upon opening the package with a light powdering of green “dust.”   It is this addition of Matcha that makes this strawberry green tea so special.  The Matcha adds just the right amount of fresh, sweet taste.  Amazing!

Lupicia Tea does not indicate on their website what kind of green tea (other than the Matcha) is used in this blend.  But it is light and bright in flavor, and provides a good base for the strawberry flavor, which is slightly sweet, and a bit tart, and very much like biting into a ripe strawberry:  juicy and delicious.  The vanilla is softer in flavor, and softens some of the stronger strawberry notes… much the same way that whipped cream softens the flavor of a strawberry.  The result is a cup of smooth, sweet, creamy berry goodness.

This light-bodied tea is outstanding served hot, but, I think it would also be quite good chilled too.  The Matcha does somewhat settle to the bottom of the cup, so, do yourself a favor and keep a spoon nearby to stir it.  The Matcha really adds a beautiful flavor to this cup, so it’s worth this little extra effort to keep it incorporated in the tea.

This tea needs no sweetener.  Most flavored teas need just a little sweetener to bring out the best flavor in the cup, but, this one is an exception – it is pleasantly flavorful with a sweet-tart attitude that comes through without the addition of sweetener.  However, you might find that the slightly sour qualities of this tea are a bit too sour (it is *almost* too sour for me, but not quite) and you might want to add a little sugar to curb that.  If you like sweet-tart candy, you’ll like this tea!

Moreover, if you like strawberry green teas – you MUST try this tea.  It is astounding!

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