Cérisier de Chine from Dammann Frères

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Dammann Frères

Company Description:

Sencha green tea blended with cherry flavour and ornamented with rose petals. A highly fruity cup.

Taster’s Review:

Based on the description, appearance and fragrance of this tea, my immediate thought is that this is my favorite “springtime” tea – aka cherry flavored Sencha tea.  This is not my favorite cherry Sencha, but it is certainly very good.  Very, very good!

The cherry flavor is very strong in this blend.  It is sweet with just a hint of tartness that lingers on the tongue.  The tartness is just barely there, and cuts the sweet flavor just enough so that this does not become an overly sweet or syrup-like.

The Sencha green tea seems to get a little lost in this cup – the cherry flavor is very strong and seems to overwhelm the flavor.  I can taste the fresh, vegetative flavor of the Sencha tea, but it is quite light, especially in the first few sips.  Once I arrived at mid-cup, the flavors became more balanced.

This tea is very refreshing when served iced – and because of the strong fruit flavor, kids love it!

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