Organic Sencha Green Tea from Byron Bay Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Byron Bay Tea Company

Company Description:

This organic sencha green tea is made from the prized, young, tender spring leaves near the top of the bush. Sencha green tea is a beautiful light green colour when steeped. The traditional handling methods of this tea help to preserve and enhance the tea’s flavour and nutrients resulting in a fine quality green tea.

Taster’s Review:

This is a tea that would earn Popeye’s endorsement!

The vegetative flavor of this tea tastes a little bit like – yes, you guessed it – steamed spinach.  Fortunately, I like steamed spinach!  But unlike the strong, powerful taste that you might get when eating spinach, this tea’s flavor is gentle.

That gentle vegetative character is enhanced by a natural, delicate sweetness.   This sweetness is counteracted with a slight nip of bitterness which cuts through the sweet flavor just enough to keep the flavor interesting and not-too-sweet.

Interestingly enough, one characteristic that this Sencha seems to be missing is the creamy buttery note that I often taste in a Sencha tea.  And while I do enjoy that buttery flavor – I don’t feel like this Sencha tea is lacking in flavor just because that buttery note isn’t there.  This is just different.  And sometimes, different is good – it makes for a more interesting cuppa.

This tea is one that I recommend serving hot – it just doesn’t taste as good when it cools.  It doesn’t really need any sweetener, but it is quite nice with a thin slice of lemon or lime.

This Sencha tea is smooth and agreeable – just the right amount of vegetal sweet and bitter.  I like it.

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