English Breakfast from Enjoying Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Enjoying Tea

Company Description:

This is a classic blend of Sri Lanka Ceylon flowery pekoe (FP) black tea. Although usually served in the morning, it is the perfect refreshing and invigorating tea for any time of the day. When brewed the English Breakfast produces a bright, full bodied, and amber tea. It is especially enticing with milk and sugar.

Taster’s Review:

Ceylon Tea.  This is generally the tea that most people think of when they think of tea.  For most of us, this is the tea that we grew up with.  For some people, Ceylon tea is a simple, straightforward black tea, even verging on the boring side.

But the Ceylon black tea blend in this English Breakfast tea is anything but boring!  It has a smooth yet rich taste.  It is perhaps not as strong as some breakfast blends I’ve encountered, and yet, I find myself quite enamored with this cuppa.

The fruity notes of this tea are captivating and encourage me to keep sipping.  I can also detect a faint floral note in the background which is quite pleasant.  There is a very nice complexity to this tea with multiple layers of flavor.  This tea is certainly not boring!

I tried my first cup of this tea without any addition – no sugar, no cream.  It is very good like that – a bit on the mellow side, but, quite enjoyable.  Then I tried it with a little honey.  I found the honey highlights the fruit and flower of this tea very nicely.  Delightful!

But where this tea really excels is with the addition of milk and honey!  Now it becomes a creamy, almost decadent treat that is welcome at my breakfast table any time.

It is also quite good iced!  Try mixing this tea with Enjoying Tea’s Strawberry Black Tea (which I’ll be reviewing in a few days time!) and brewing it up for a very refreshing, delicious iced tea that both kids and adults will enjoy.

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