Black Currant Bai Mu Dan from 52Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Company Description:

Sometimes I think white tea is not as much fun as the others. It’s such a delicate and subtle flavor to begin with that it doesn’t lend itself to things like chocolate peanut butter cup. What DOES pair well with it are nice sweet fruits, like black currant.

Taster’s Review:

52Teas is one of my favorite tea companies.  Why?  Well, there are several reasons.  They offer a new flavor every week, and these flavors are usually just a little bit out of the ordinary.   And, perhaps most importantly for me, they offer these new and unusual teas in a quantity that I can feel comfortable about buying – 1 or 2 ounce pouches, depending upon the type of tea, and they are easy to store and are re-sealable.  This is the perfect amount of tea for this tea reviewer because it’s not a huge commitment, but it is just enough to taste the tea several times to determine whether I like it enough to sit down and write about it, and it’s also enough to share some with my SororiTEA Sister, Jennifer.

All of this, and their prices are reasonable too – usually just $7.99 per 2 ounce package (and did I mention that the shipping is free?)

All of these reasons really wouldn’t add up to much, though, if the teas didn’t taste good.  And I must say, while I have tasted quite a few of 52Teas offerings, I’ve yet to try one that disappoints me – and more often than not, I am very pleasantly surprised by them.

This is one tea that really surprised me.  I held off buying it for a while because I’ve never really considered myself to be much of a fan of black currants (although, I don’t know why, as I love black currants in tea cakes and most of the black currant teas that I’ve tasted have been delicious).  I am glad that I finally gave in to my curiosity and tried it, because it is really quite good.

The fruit flavor is vibrant and yet it does not overpower the delicate flavor of the Bai Mu Dan.   It is sweet and refreshing – especially when served chilled.  This is one of my newest favorite iced teas!   It is much tastier than any of those RTD bottled teas out there – and the best part is that because you brew it yourself, you can control the amount of sweetener you add to it, or you can choose to not sweeten it at all!  I do add just a little bit of agave nectar to mine, because this really brings the fruity flavors into focus plus I can taste some of the sweet, delicate notes of the white tea just a little better.

Another outstanding tea from 52Teas!

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