Chocolate Mint from Element Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Element Tea

Company Description:

Rich Black Sri Lankan tea combined with fresh mint leaves make the decadent flavor of an after-dinner mint chocolate. Delicious hot and iced.

*This tea is part of the Ethical Trade Partnership, which monitors living and working conditions in this tea garden.

Brew Time: 4 minutes

Ingredients: Premium Black Tea, Peppermint, Natural Chocolate Flavors

Taster’s Review:

Chocolate!   Mint!  This tea reminds me of the Girl Scout mint cookies!

The sip starts out with a strong Ceylon tea flavor.  The black tea base is not too aggressive in this blend; it is mellow enough to let the chocolate and peppermint flavors come through.   Shortly after the black tea flavor hits the palate, the fresh, crisp flavor of the peppermint comes out to play.

The peppermint is the strongest flavor of the blend.  It is a bright, refreshing taste and it feels vibrant in the mouth, but it is not so potent that it tastes like I’m rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash.  The sip finishes with a smooth, sweet chocolate-y flavor.  It is delicious.

The black tea also has some astringency to it which leaves the mouth feeling clean but not too dry.

I really like this tea.  There is a nice balance of chocolate and mint flavors and they do not overwhelm the black tea base.   It makes a tasty iced tea, but I think I prefer it hot, because the flavors are much more distinct.   It does have a pleasant sweetness to it, but I found it is even better with just a pinch of sugar.  This helps bring out some of the richer chocolate notes.Yum!

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