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Tea Type: Black Tea

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Product Description:

Black Tea

Black tea is most commonly produced in South Asia and Africa. It has a stronger flavor than most other teas and also has higher caffeine content. Black tea is prepared from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis and it is the most fermented of all teas. Black tea from Ceylon Tea is primarily produced using the orthodox method, where tea leaves are first harvested and then rolled to small pieces and fermented. The fermented tea leaves are dried using fire kilns. This process gives black tea its characteristic strong, full-bodied flavor and deep brown color.

Flow Through Bags

This type of tea bag has been in the tea industry for many years. It has two chambers filled with tea. These two chambers are attached to a tag with a string. The two chambers make brewing tea even and pleasant. The string and the tag make the tea bag easy to handle.

Vanilla Almond

Vanilla was completely unknown in the Old World until sixteenth century Spanish explorers who arrived on the Gulf Coast of Mexico found and gave it its name. The sailors took vanilla with them as they journeyed through Africa and Asia. In old medicinal literature, vanilla is described as an aphrodisiac and even as a remedy for fevers. While these purported uses have never been scientifically validated, it has been shown that vanilla does increase levels of catecholamines. While almonds are native to Iran, they have also been used in China as a key ingredient in a popular dessert when they are mixed with milk and served hot. In Indian cuisine, almonds are the base ingredient for pasanda-style curries. We have blended these two complimentary flavors with a light liquoring, high grown Pure Ceylon tea, to create a soothing blend that is a delicious breakfast or afternoon tea

Tasters Review

Before steeping Vanilla Almond Black Tea from The Tea Nation smells like Vanilla and Almond noticeably more Almond than Vanilla.  After steeping it smells like both Vanilla and Almond pretty equally.  Once infused – or steeped – in this case because it’s the bagged version – the color is dark brown.  Taste-wise this one really surprised me.  It’s a nicely flavored black tea…and surprisingly smooth! The Vanilla and Almond are both present but I think there maybe a little more vanilla than almond. It’s also smooth all the way thru the sip on to the aftertaste! This is a nice Flavored Black for the morning or afternoon!

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