Bi Lo Chun from Teahouse Kuan Yin

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Teahouse Kuan Yin

Company Description:

Considered to be one of China’s ten famous teas, our Bi Lo Chun (Green Snail Spring) produces a fragrant, nutty brew which is lightly astringent but mellow. There is a refreshing sweetness to it, with a slightly buttery finish. This tea is from Fujian Province. It is very sensitive to brewing times and temperature, so we recommend infusing it with relatively cool water (~160F) for only 2 minutes.

Bi Lo Chun literally means “Green Snail Spring.” The “snail” is because the leaves are rolled into spirals resembling snails, and “spring” is because it is picked in the early spring, when the buds and young leaves are still small and delicate. There can be 7,000 buds in just one pound of Bi Lo Chun.

Taster’s Review:


This tea is so good.  It is so good that it is almost difficult to write about it because I feel like mere words do not do it justice.

It has a lovely fragrance – I am enjoying just holding my cup to my nose and inhaling the aromatic liquid.  The scent is slightly floral, buttery, with a mere whisper of a vegetative quality.  It invites me to take a sip…

It has a toasted nutty quality and a floral presence.  It is sweet and smooth, and has a very pleasant buttery note.  The company describes it as lightly astringent… and I would like to state that the astringency is very mild.

This is a lovely tea that is very relaxing and luxurious to sip.  I think it should be consumed hot (well, warm, since you should brew it at a fairly low temperature) and unsweetened.  And the leaves are good for multiple infusions – making it an excellent value in exquisite taste!

Prepare yourself.  This tea is delightful… delicious… perfection!

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