Shu Mee White Tea from Starwest Botanicals

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Starwest Botanicals

Company Description:

White tea is the least processed tea. The leaves are simply withered and dried. White tea has a higher level of polyphenols that green tea. This tea brews to a light red color has a slightly sweet taste with no “grassy” undertones.

Taster’s Review:

This white tea brews up a bit darker than a lot of white teas – as the description provided by Starwest Botanicals suggests, it is a light, reddish color.   It also has a deeper flavor than a lot of white teas that I’ve tried.   It does have a more delicate flavor than a green tea, but is stronger in flavor than a Bai Mu Dan white tea.

This is a very simple, pure, clean tasting white tea that is very refreshing.   It is sweet and smooth.   There is a richness to the flavor of this tea that is almost savory; it is very enjoyable, indeed.

Serve it hot and try dropping in a couple of chunks of candied ginger for a little extra pizzazz!  Or maybe toss in a few fresh mint leaves when you brew it for a fresh, exhilarating taste.  Or you can just enjoy it without additions!  Yum!

As it cools, the flavor does not become muted (this sometimes happens with lighter white teas), so this would also be an excellent choice for summer (iced tea time!)   It is also good for a second infusion that is just as tasty as the first!

If you’re new to white tea, this would be an excellent starter white tea.  Or, if you’ve tried other white teas and found them a bit too delicate for your liking, give this one a try – it might make a believer out of you!

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